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    On GTMetrix’s PageSpeed tab, I have everything at 100 percent score except: “Minify Javascript” — which scores at 90 percent.

    GTMetrix says the issue is of “High” Priority to resolve. The actual error message is:

    “Minify JavaScript for the following resources to reduce their size by 102B (1% reduction).”

    GTMetrix then gives the name of the Autoptimize JavaScript file causing this issue (I do not want to paste it here as it includes my site address).

    I assumed that this problem could not be resolved. However, earlier today, I noticed that GTMetrix actually also gives an optimized version of the Autoptimize JavaScript file (at the end of the error message) that you can download!

    So is there anyway that Autoptimize can update their plugin by using the optimized version of this particular JavaScript file that GTMetrix provides for free?


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    short answer: no

    longer answer: Autoptimize (and the JSmin software library used by AO) does not remove “important comments” from JS/ CSS files, as those typically contain license information. there is example code somewhere on this forum that hooks into Autoptimize to remove those important comments anyhow, thereby saving you just a bit more (in this case: 102 bytes). so if you do want to go down that road, search these forums for autoptimize_js_after_minify (the name of the filter one can use to alter the optimized JS) and try that code snippet?

    hope this clarifies/ helps,

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    Thank you as always Frank:-) This is my favorite plugin.

    It is not the 102 bytes saved, but rather, the increase in score from 90/100 to 100/100 for that GTMetrix category. And the removal of the “High” priority warning.

    — If you have OCD disease, you want the 100/100.
    — If you have SEO/SEM clients, you want to show them that you can get 100/100.
    — It is always possible that if GTMetrix considers something as “high” priority (it also has “medium” and “low” priority recommendations), then Google might be doing the same. And it could hurt your SEO, even if it seems foolish when you think in terms of 102 bytes!
    — Usually, my full page load speed slightly crosses 2 seconds. From what I have read, consistent readings of 2 seconds or lower can get you a boost in various Google rankings (including Google News, Rich and Featured Snippets etc…). Especially if you are close to other competitors in other ranking factors.

    So every tiny improvement could help me get below 2 seconds page fully loaded time consistently.

    Thanks for reading!

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    Godspeed 🙂

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