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    So i installed w3 total cache and enabled minify and gzip compression as well as the standard deafult options in the program. My site seems to be responding a little faster although I noticed a problem. I had certain links in my menu directing to HTTPS pages and now when I click on them it loads just the http version.

    For example.

    on the right side I have register, log in checkout etc…

    I have checkout on force ssl through the https plugin but that plugin doesn’t give me the option of forcing it on login/register pages, only site wide (update anyone?). So I added a force ssl code to the wp-login.php file. It works, if you click login it will now direct you to the https version and if you click register from that page it will take you to the https version. The problem is that if you click register directly from my home page, it still loads the http version ALTHOUGH that link has been set to https in my menu. So I guess there is two problems here,

    1. minify/gzip is not correctly using my https links
    2. the force ssl code doesnt force sll on register if you go directly to register first instead of going to login then register.

    any help would be greatly appreciated!

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