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    I’m finding that the minify engine is not fully minifying to the greatest ampoun. If you go to and run it to n your site, you will see it makes an improvement but does not go up to 100%. This means it is not fully minifying to the greatest optimization. I can provide an IP address to a test sites.

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    With the plugin WP Minify Fix, all internal JavaScript and CSS files should be minified.

    However, the summary amount of also still depends on many other factors. For minification so only the sections “Minify CSS” and “Minify JavaScript” relevant.

    At these two portions, the amount is close to 100%. That this amount is often not exactly to 100%, but “only” ~ 98%, is because not all can be minified JavaScript and CSS files. The following files can not be minified:

    • External JavaScript and CSS files from other websites (if it is not set in the preferences)
    • JavaScript files that are inserted from another JavaScript in the page can not be minified
    • JavaScript and CSS files that are loaded via PHP, and have a complex URL

    Also, I have just found that the minification of the files again by 1% – 2% can reduce. This relates to the used minify engine, and not the plug-in itself. Probably the [Minify engine]( can be improved, so you should contact the appropriate [issues page](

    I figured it out. I give that minifier 1 thumb down and one sideways thumb. I had to write my own. The reason the minifier you use in your plugin does not get everything is because it does not minify to the full potential. It needs a lot more work. In a few days I wrote one that surpasses that minifier. I get 100% now on gtmetrix and i’m still adding rules. I give it an A for effort though.

    Plugin Author NodeCode


    I have now reported the problem to the developers of the used Minify engine:

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