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    Updated both WP and W3 total cache… minify of JS files seems to go crazy. Disabling minify seems to work… but sucks that I have to use additional plugins to do the samething.

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  • I was having the exact same issue after upgrading. However I think I fixed it by deleting a .js that didn’t exist anymore. It was from a plugin that I deleted last week and I’d forgotten to take the code out of my minify section.

    Well, I set minify to manual an one by one verified each and every js script. All of them exist. I think that some of them can’t be minified though.
    I disabled minify in the w3 total cache and just used another plugin. (wp minify)

    The problem with that is that the cdn portion of w3 total cache doesn’t use the minified files from wp minify.

    I might try to find which scripts are failing to stay with w3 total cache, but I think Frederick has a lot of work ahead to keep w3 total cache ahead of the pack.

    i’m having a slightly similar issue.

    despite the fact that all the js and css files are there it still is prompting warnings. anyone else seeing the warnings despite verifying js/css minification?


    I came across your problem too. For some reason something in the array for the minify settings has gotten messed up in the config file.

    If you open your configuration file named “w3-total-cache-config-yoursitename.php” you will see a section for minify.css and minify.js

    In there will be some arrays that should have locations of your minified files.

    Make sure to disable Minify. Then delete only the arrays as shown below. Be careful not to delete anything else — like the beggining/ending array tags.

    'c5082' => array(
    			'default' => array(
    				'include' => array(
    					'files' => array(
    						0 => 'wp-content/themes/mysite/style.css',
    						1 => 'wp-content/themes/mysite/js/colorbox/colorbox.css',
    						2 => 'wp-content/themes/mysite/skins/blue.css',
    						3 => 'wp-content/themes/mysite/custom.css',
    						4 => '/wp-content/plugins/sidebar-login/style.css?ver=3.1.3',

    You should be left with these for each group.

    'minify.css.groups' => array( ),
    'minify.js.groups' => array( ),

    Then go back and re-add your files and enable minify. That should fix your problem.

    is this file in the plugin folder directly or at the root of wp-content?

    In wp-content

    I’ll try the fix tonight and report back.
    Thanks again for trying to help out.

    sweet! thanks.

    Hmm, seems to make it worse 🙁

    Literally added multiple js scripts to one line separating them by comas.

    Any other suggestions?


    thats odd… manual doesn’t work… but if I set minify to automatic (now that I cleared out the file as kfawcett mentioned, my JS is working. 🙂

    thanks again!


    well, so much for that success. W3 minify is still messing up. A JS for my theme isn’t working.

    Are you running 9.2.3? If so, then you went into the config file, deleted the files in the array, then went back and re-added the files through the help wizard or manually. Once all that was done you re-enabled minify?

    Not all files can be minified, especially JS files. A lot of time if the JS file is compressed it could end up corrupting the file due to the JS code not being written correctly.

    Yep, I’m running the latest version of W3.

    Yea, I had delete the config file and start over.

    I had to eliminate a lot of JS files that could not be minified.
    My media player for one and 2 scripts for the ui on my wp site were just a few of those.

    My site ‘seems’ be back to normal… but sucks that I had to even have to manually do this as WP Minify does it w/o intervention. At least I know my minify files are going to my CDN.

    Yeah, W3TC usually does it without intervention also, but it’s an extremely complicated plugin that has been designed to work across multiple system configurations. The author has put tons of time into it and sometimes it takes a little extra user intervention to configure it for your specific system.

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