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  • Dear developers!
    I recently installed W3 Total Cache and also tried hands on WP minify. Both pluggins give my website the shape of a garbage. Needless to say, the css and js are the real culprits 🙁

    Could any of you spare some minutes and have a look into the blog and give me any clue? I’ll be grateful to your help and support.

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  • Start by validating your pages for errors — both HTML and CSS:

    Validation is done Yogi but no success at all 🙁
    The entire W3 Total Cache seems to be useless. The site is still very slow.

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Forum moderator

    Hi Andrew!
    Earlier, there were 263 warnings and 189 errors. The validation issue has been resolved..a couple of errors aren’t related to Minify or Speed (I guess)

    No, those are still problematic errors.

    Have you used any of the page-speed check sites to see what else is going on? The page is definitely slow — I gave up on it. But you do have a ton of stuff on the page — so it’s going to take time to load all that.

    Thanks Yogi!

    We have checked our website on Google Speed Check, GtMetrics and Pingdom. These tools are indicating on working on Browser Cache. We have already installed W3 total cache plugin. But the problem is the two sections aren’t working: Browser Cache and Minify.

    And by the way Yogi,
    If you tried opening the website in the past hour, it is opening slow because according to Google Analytics, there are at least 30 active visitors on the website (peak time)

    And this is the real problem.

    Alex your site opens within a decent time amount for me except for the images loading too slow, testing further i saw that you use timthumb which is the culprit (takes around 30 to 40sec)!/oHO0LJ5un/

    Hi Cinghaman!

    If the timthumb are the real pain, then what are the options do we have?

    If that’s the real problem, perhaps you need better hosting? I just left it loading for at least ten minutes and it never finished, so you likely have some other problems. Fixing the code errors is a good start.


    I have taken BlueHost’s premium hosting account. I had a word with them and they seem to put the blame on us (the theme)

    What theme is that? I never got the site to load so it would not View Source either. Given the timthumb problem mentioned above, maybe you should find another theme.

    timthumb is basically used to resize image so you can alternatively define custom image sizes in your function file
    add_image_size( 'post-thumb', 120, 120, true ); //

    It was developed by Mousumi as a student of web design…So it is her theme that she developed from scratch.

    The same very theme kept working fine for over a year. In the month of October, when one of her artciles was featured on BBC, we have over 10,000 people visiting us in 24 hours. I wonder why we did not have any problem then.
    Switching to another theme will be a huge task. The blog has over 800 posts.

    Alex no need to switch just a bit of code update will/should work out

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 53 total)
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