• Your plugin serve Google fonts, Bootstrap and its own minified css file, what makes it incompatible with merging optimization. While your own css can be understandable (not necessarily), for other two are no reason to not include option to serve ‘clean’ CSS files. Is it possible?

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    Hello, could you clarify your request?

    Do you mean in the admin area or the Frontend themes?
    What exactly is the merging optimization you are reffering to?

    We do not use Bootstrap, but yes – we minify our CSS sheets and JS admin files to save some bandwitch. Re Google Fonts – I am not aware about any minification – as they come, we serve.

    thanks Alex

    You are right (partially) as I didn’t look well. It is about Font Awesome 4.7 served trough http://maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com.

    I like idea, but you should to make some basic changes (I think):

    1) You should by default to use ONLY system fonts instead of Google Fonts as it will make plugin much more light and easy to use, as by typography plugins is easy (for everyone) to add Google Fonts, Typekit, … whatever to your font choice.

    2) Same is with Font Awesome. You serve 4.7 in improper way and I serve to my clients version 5 PRO. There is no way to easy exclude your fonts (in both cases).

    So, let it as choice (option – to use fonts above) what will make plugin much better, lighter and customizable.

    3) Finally, you should also to insert option to serve your own CSS as raw or minified. Reason is that your already minified CSS cannot be merged.

    Whatever, nice concept (idea). Good luck.

    Plugin Author NiteoThemes


    Hello, thanks for your suggestions.

    Regarding ad 1/ and ad 2/ – are you talking about admin area, or CMP themes?

    re ad 3/ – that is a valid point, and we might add an option to serve original(unmimified) files to advanced settings.

    cheers Alex

    Admin area, as option in settings, ie – (checkbox) “Use Font Awesome 4 (or 5 or option for both)” and for typography as well. Default font should be system font as default font (most top frameworks use that), as it is universal, lightest possible.

    I know that you think about themes as font is normally matter of design choice (make template more or less attractive), but you should to find way to make it as option within theme load (“Do you want to use template Google Font or default fonts?”), as most (many) people will not agree how Coming Soon or Maintanance page should exactly to get some ‘special fonts’, what will affect entire website. You should to think of your plugin in the way as you concept it – as site addition, what mean, to try to load site as less is possible, otherwise, people will stick with page builders solutions.

    Plugin Author NiteoThemes


    Font Awesome loading on all admin pages is a bug – it should load only on a CMP Settings page where the social media icons are using it – thanks for that one!

    regarding Google fonts – we use standard fonts – Google Fonts are used only for Typography preview and loaded only on that specific page so I believe that is OK.

    We will think about to use default fonts as a “default” for all templates and to load google/custom fonts only if specified in the settings – but that will be tough discussion with our designer 🙂

    From my point of view, your advantage (reason to use plugin) is simplicity for switch on desired mode and not a design. Whoever will count on design, certainly will go with page builder.

    You should to think about to add functionalities to your pages, not to boost design (trough typography). Example is templates to promote future coming product/service subscriptions, pre-sales features, quiz, etc (on Coming Soon page), feedbacks, support, etc (on Maintenance page).

    And to be back on subject (issue), you should to try completely to avoid usage of any third party libraries, as that is the HUGE reason to not use your plugin (as all page builders offers tons of templates of such kind). Create your own webfonts for couple of socials what you need and load it locally. It is nonsense to use FA for 2 social icons. However, you plugin. Best luck, I’m done.

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