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  • Hi WordPress World,

    I had been using the Weather for US MINI WIDGET for several weeks, and one day logged on to my website, was disturbed to find that my site was hijacked by Wearherfor.US. My page could not be seen or accessed in the usual ways. I use Mozilla Firefox, as well as Chrome on occasion. When I switched to Chrome, I had normal access to my site. After a short bit if research I concluded that my problem was most likely due to a browser attack, so I installed “noscript” and “AdBlock” which gave me complete acces to my site again. After reviewing the information provided by the Noscript addon, I found that Weatherfor.US had a script running that I believe was the culprit. Since I don’t easily have access to my site from the outside world frequently, I’m not sure if it affects anybody else, but just recently my Chrome browser began exhibiting the same symptoms. I’m not sure who to report this to, so I thought this should be the next best thing. Please, if you can point me in the correct direction, I would very much like to report this to WordPress Officials so they can take a more educated look at it.

    Thank you,
    Kevin (littlelouie) Potts

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  • Sorry for the typo – that should read “” not Wearherfor.US

    What can I say…I have fat, clumsy fingers!

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