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  • Stuart


    I’ve been going through some of the AK competiton layouts and fixing the “footer” problem that some of them have. I’ve not gone through all of them and probably never will but there’s a reasonable assortment done. These are for 1.2 Mingus only as they include a modified index.php file along with a wp-layout.css file and any images needed. Do read the instructions please!! You should consider these as something to start with. Have a good look at the construction and think about coming up with your own designs.

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  • wairoanz


    That’s great Stuart… I’ll consider using one of those for a new site I’m planning.



    Woah! Thanks Stuart. I’d just been doing something similar myself – glad I found out now before I’d spent too much time on it! 😉
    Seriuously though, this is great for the WP design community.
    Perhaps we could replace the originals on Alex King’s site? Otherwise people may not realise of the existence of these and we’ll still be stuck with the buggy layouts.
    Where’s Root? I thought he’d be here first 😉



    Thanks for all your efforts Stuart.
    And a special thank you for taking on the challenge of fixing up those 3 ‘nightmares’ too 🙂



    Stuart, you may wanna look into this :
    Thanks a bunch.



    Stuart that is a really fine contribution to the ongoing revamp and increased interest in *templates*. Many of the designs in the comp were / are very popular but were being spoiled. I really hope the new user community learns to appreciate the difference. Congratulations and thank you. You may need more bandwidth 🙂



    Thanks Root. I did think about the bandwidth but as I have never used above 1 percent (and I get plenty of visitors already sitewide) I decided to go with it. Only time will tell. 😀
    I did discuss this with AK beforehand so he is aware of what I’m doing. His resource will remain as he is still getting new layouts and I should point out that not everything needs this “fix”.
    I’m now looking at doing a page to explain the principals of “clearing” divs so those with well-hacked index files can apply the “fix” without having to install a new index and transfer all their hacks across. It should be handy for those new to WP who just want to get on with their own designs straight off. I’ll post here when it’s up.
    Thanks for all the support.



    OK. After a few suggestions I’ve written up a bit of a tutorial on how and why the “Fix” works. Well it’s 2 pages actually but I think it’s worth the effort especially for those new to CSS. The original link at the top will take you straight there.

    This sounds interesting, but Stuart’s original link has been snatched away!

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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