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    I’m using the Mingle plugin and would like to know where I can change the redirects for the login and logout, to take the user to the template page as opposed to the http://www………...\wp-login.php

    Anyone? Please?

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  • Can anyone help please?
    I my login is themed by Mingle, but the logout isn’t.
    Can I put a redirect in so that the user doesn’t have to see wp-login.php?

    check your unauthorized.php file

    can;t find one, where woud it be?
    (BTW – I am on the Mingle forum now aswell)

    ok – I took this to the Mingle forum :


    if you want to redirect to log into your profile page instead of activity page, you must also alter MnglUsersController.php file located in mingle/classes/controllers/ folder.

    change this line:
    $redirect_to = ( (isset($redirect_to) and !empty($redirect_to) )?$redirect_to:get_permalink( $mngl_options->activity_page_id )

    to this:
    $redirect_to = ( (isset($redirect_to) and !empty($redirect_to) )?$redirect_to:get_permalink( $mngl_options->profile_page_id )

    and also this line:
    $redirect_to = ((!empty($redirect_to))?$redirect_to:get_permalink($mngl_options->activity_page_id));

    to this:
    $redirect_to = ((!empty($redirect_to))?$redirect_to:get_permalink($mngl_options->profile_page_id));

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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