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  • Hi,

    I have the following prob:

    1. I went to wordpress plugin directory. Found out ‘Mingle forum’ plug in. Installed it and activated it.

    2. I can see the admin menu of mingle forum in the left side of my wordpress admin panel. Did my settings right – created a category and a forum.

    But problem is – I do not see anything reflecting in my front end.

    Just wanted to understand what I am doing wrong. I read the upload instructions for the plug-in. I probably missed one step which says I have to put mingleforum between []. I am not very sure about how to do it and where to do it. If this is what is going wrong in the process, then requesting you to kindly elaborate. Else, if some other thing needs to be taken care of – please guide.

    Disclaimer:: I am a newbie here (to the wolrd of wordpress, plugins etc.) Don’t know much of tech.

    Looking eagerly towards your reply.

    Thanking in anticipation



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  • Create a page called “Forum” and paste [mingleforum] onto it.
    Then the plugin will take care of the rest for you.

    ForumServer 1.5 has been released and has fixed all outstanding issues, including all incompatibilities with other plugins.

    == Changelog ==
    = 1.5 =
    * Fixed bug: Incompatibility with FireStats plugin and possibly certain other plugins, the bug also could cause a lot of database errors
    * Fixed bug: Duplicating topics due to plugin incompatibility with certain plugins
    * Fixed bug: No post body inside the topic due to plugin incompatibility with certain plugins
    * Fixed bug: BBCode content inside e-mail notifications
    * Fixed bug: Closing a topic didn’t work as expected
    * Fixed bug: sending e-mail notifications of your own replies when subscribed on topic
    * Fixed bug: When subscribing to replies on topic, a blank screen was showing up
    * “Unmake sticky” renamed to “Unstick” (for sticky topics)
    * Fixed bug: Unstick function now works
    * Fixed bug: search system now works
    * Improved search system, now it searches in topic titles and can search in both titles and content
    * Fixed bug: Email notifications were not sent in some cases
    * New placeholder for inserting forum into WordPress page: [forumServer] can be used instead of <!–VASTHTML–>

    Raw_ni, were you able to get it working? If you need any further assistance please hit up my support forums. Thanks!

    Hi cartpauj,

    I followed your instructions and have successfully installed and have the forum showing up on my pages. My question is this:

    from the pages, I can’t seem to create a new forum category/topic and create a thread. Is the only way to create categories and forums is as an administrator from within the wp-admin login page? I want my members to be able to create their own topics and such.

    My page is located at:

    Thanks for any help!

    You have to create “Categories” and then add “forums” to those categories. Otherwise you cannot post new topics.

    cartpauj – Do you create a category within the Mingle Forum plug-in OR from WP ? I do not see any category menu within Mingle Forum.

    Thanks in advance!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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