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    Yikes! Help!
    I’ve been looking for an elegant visitor registration set-up for my WordPress site and in the process have installed a few plug-ins from varying places, all without a hitch. Just one thing- yucky clunky, yuck. Then I happened on Mingle Forum, visited the lovely YouTube tutorials and thought, FAB! I want Mingle Forum!

    Usually I install plug-ins manually via my ftp client but today, I thought “Use the Dashboard, follow the simple directions, why not?” So first I added and activated ‘Mingle Forum Guest Info’ without a hitch, all was peachy.

    Then, after creating a new page, not at my root but parented under another page so the intended forum would appear two levels down from the root, I used my Dashboard to upload Mingle Forum to my plug-ins folder. No problem. But when I clicked Activate, OY VEY! My entire Dashboard has disappeared! I can navigate all over my website, all the links work perfectly and my Forum page is installed. All is peachy if I were to just cruise around my site.

    But I have no idea why this last plug-in installation has completely disabled my admin page? I can’t access my wp-admin by any means, it just gives me a blank page whenever I try to get at it, via ‘edit page’ buttons, the Site Admin button in my footer or through a direct url entry into my browser. Oh help help help. I’m just in the middle of building my site and am somewhat of a newbie. I’m here at the WordPress Support Forum to report my broken Dashboard and I’m hoping this problem is just a little bug that can be easily fixed. I do thing Mingle Forum is really well done if it weren’t for this weird anomaly which I haven’t experienced by intalling plug-ins ever before.

    I will admit that I forgot to disable the other registration plug-ins that I had activated last night before installing Mingle Forum. Perhaps there’s an incompatibility? Unfortunately, what I had in there I don’t have the exact names for because I can’t see the plug-ins in my wp-admin Dashboard. I can’t see anything but a blank page now. They are something like Register Plus and some other registration plug-in that works on a page sidebar.

    Oh please help quickly, I’m on a short respite from work so that I would have the time to build my site. I really hope this is a “no biggy” and I’m just too much of a newbie to know what’s happened to my admin-page. My website can be found here, in case this helps:, the Mingle Forum is installed under the menu named “Utopia’s Shadow” at a page I’ve named, “Readership Subscriber’s Forum.” I wish I could share my content there but the site building is still in progress, haven’t uploaded content because I’ve just figured out how to make the framework. Now I’ve really blundered it by losing my wp-admin/Dashboard!

    Thanks so much for your help, anyone. I look forward to getting sorted here.

    Dead in the water (aka spaciouscritter, aka Camila)

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  • It turned out, most likely, that an internal memory allocation at my web host was too low so activating the plug-in pushed it over the edge. With the memory allocated higher, all is well and the activation went without a hitch.

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