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  • I am trying to finish up building a multi-author site. I cannot have this on an admin post feed where everyone’s post shows up in my feed and I have no way to segregate to just my own posts. Soooooo irritating, that I had to create a 2nd user for myself. The Author role has a “Mine” column where can just view one’s own authorship. But the admin doesn’t. The admin, I think, should have that “bell and whistle”… since the admin is supposed to be most privileged. But I had to create a 2nd user for my own authorship because there was no “Mine” in the admin posts…. and there is no way that I could “live with” not having a “Mine” feed of ability to view “just my own” posts.

    I either don’t want WordPress… and I need a whole different program for my website on a rebuild… or I will pay someone to build me that. I haven’t decided which yet. But my solution of a 2nd user is much less annoying than not being able to toggle to just my own authored posts from the profile of the admin panel. No way could I live with that. 🙂 It really makes me think that WordPress is not very well built or designed when something so elemental “isn’t there” for an admin, but is for an author. Makes me wonder “what did I miss”?? Cuz it should have been there…. lol


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