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    Hey Strictly Software,

    I’m really enjoying your plugin so far, thanks for all your hard work!

    I have experienced one small issue that I wanted to ask about. I seem to be unable to change the “Min no of Tags within a Post to deeplink to” option. Whenever I change the value and save, it changes to whatever the value of the “Max Tags to Deeplink” is set to. I’m using wordpress version 3.5.2

    Thanks again!

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    Yes I fixed that in my latest version (which isn’t public) as it has lots of features I want to keep for myself 🙂

    You will need to change the HTML in the admin page as it was using the wrong value (it was saving it correctly, just outputting the min posts to tag value)

    Copy and paste this over the lines.

    echo	'<div class="tagopt">
    				<label for="strictlyautotags-maxtagstolink">'.__('Max Tags to Deeplink','strictlyautotags').'</label>
    				<input type="text" name="strictlyautotags-maxtagstolink" id="strictlyautotags-maxtagstolink" value="' . esc_attr($options['maxtagstolink']) . '" />
    				<span class="notes">'.__('Set the maximum number of tags within a post to deeplink.', 'strictlyautotags').'</span>
    		echo	'<div class="tagopt">
    				<label for="strictlyautotags-minpoststotaglink">'.__('Min no of Tags within a Post to deeplink to.','strictlyautotags').'</label>
    				<input type="text" name="strictlyautotags-minpoststotaglink" id="strictlyautotags-minpoststotaglink" value="' . esc_attr($options['minpoststotaglink']) . '" />
    				<span class="notes">'.__('Set the minimum number of tags that a post must have before deeplinking to their tag page.', 'strictlyautotags').'</span>

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    Awesome, thanks! Any chance we might see paid version or upgrade in the future? I’d definitely be willing to pay for the latest version 🙂

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    Yes you can pay me £40 and get version 2.8.6 which has

    -min no of chars for a tag to have
    -ability to search for words but use another word as the tag e.g search for Edward Snowden, NSA, PRISM and match Internet Privacy.
    -ability to change text links into real links
    -handles new data- attributes to stop nested tags
    -also stores contents of existing bold/headers so that you don’t get tags within existing bolded words etc.

    You can see it here >

    And the latest version 2.8.5 which fixes some bugs, like the one you mentioned also has details of the new paid for version in it.




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