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  • Kewl lookin’ theme. 🙂

    searching for military wordpress template , any idea ?

    the link is broken …

    Looks like the site is down. Too bad; it was a neat-looking theme.

    Chaaban, there was an “army” blog that was posted up in the Your WordPress section about 1.5 years ago. Other than that tiny bit of info, I remember nothing about it other than the fact that it was pretty neat looking. I don’t know if that will help you in further searches….

    And I know there’s a “Desert Storm” theme for phpBB around somewhere that you might take a look at; I used it a while back for a site for friends who are buckskinners….

    Here’s a link to premium (pay for) templates which might give you some ideas:

    Here’s one set up for a game, but might work:

    Thank’s guys for the help 😉

    vkaryl …. long time 🙂

    i contacted the owner … of the first post , hope he will answer .

    I don’t understand the purpose of the arrow icons on the sidebar.

    Hey, Chaaban…. if you get hold of the guy, and get the theme, post up okay? I’d like to have a copy myself for a text game I’m running.

    pezastic, arrow icons on which sidebar where?

    vkaryl: That was for the first poster in the thread, in case the theme becomes available for d/l again, based on the screenshot. Usually, arrow icons indicate there is something more to be revealed upon selecting the arrows. I was wondering if that is the case with the theme, like an expandable/collapsible list scheme integrated into it.

    Hi pezastic –

    Ah, I see! I was a bit confused, not unusual for me of course. Yes, that would make one wonder, if there was something that was more “elastic” about it that didn’t show in the screenie….

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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