• wish I could rate this 10 stars!
    Tried most “automator” and “webhooks” plugins, bought the “pro” versions of many of them. Some have a nice UI (this one excels in that), others have a less intuitive UI. But all the other plugins I’ve tried (Unc*, Auto*, …) are simply unidirectional, you just send the data and hope for the best. If you need to do something with the reply (say, update a field or trigger an alarm), you will have to manually dig the logs or create a wp action or function, thus killing the “no code” promise. They will all give you some support hints on how to do it, but at the end of the day you either have to learn php or hire a freelancer and pray.
    Not this one!
    Been using it for six months now (and ditching all the others as licences renew), so it’s not a “fad review”, rather the realization of the abysmal difference between plugins. Just to make it clear, this review refers to the pro version, haven’t tried the free.
    Visually create your action, fire the webhook for live reply data and you can use such data directly in another action. Works both with remote systems or local data and you can just use the replies to build up your automations, no code needed!
    A true gamechanger and true if-then-else logic using data without having to code.
    – Want to talk to a remote CRM and fetch data from it to update a user,post or product? Check!
    – Want to add user custom fields to a woocommerce order (say, the remote CRM account ID)? Check!
    – Want to change a user payment terms depending on what he bought on your store AND other remote stores? Check again!
    – the list goes on…
    This really brings WP to the next level in terms of business logic and connectivity with both local data and remote systems. Documentation could be better (as always), but Jannis is very responsive and helpful.
    Overall, this plugin is amazing!
    Just my five cents…

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