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  • Resolved Tom Geller


    Hey, gang. I built my first WordPress site ( using’s plugins for custom content types, fields, etc..

    Now I’d like to move to Pods, ideally converting my many custom content types and fields.

    I see that there’s a tool to migrate from Custom Post Types UI. Are there any plans for a similar tool from Toolset’s plugins? Or perhaps a technique you could recommend?


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author Jim True


    We do not have one, unfortunately. Typically, you have a couple of options: get the exact names of your post-types and their fields and create each as Pods. If they already exist, it should just add them as Pods when you recreate them. The other option is WP All Export Pro/WP All Import Pro, though you’d still have to create the Pods.

    As long as you’re not using relationships, you should be able to use the standard WP export/import after recreating the post types and fields in Pods.

    I’ve created a feature request to do a generic “create post type and post meta” from database entries, but since no one has done anything like this, I’m not sure it’ll get touched before our next major release

    Hi, Jim — many thanks for the insight. After quite a bit of experimentation, I’ve had some luck with the import. The tough part is taxonomies, but that’s another matter.

    If I remember correctly, Toolset stores custom post types in a non-standard way in the database. But I forget the details. I assume the developer will discover this when/if they try to do that ticket.

    Thanks again!



    That would really be a helpful feature!

    Plugin Author Jim True


    You’re welcome to create that as a Feature Request:

    Thanks, Jim. I went to do that and saw a previous case (, which in turn leads to a discussion closed last year:

    What would you suggest? Perhaps this should be simply re-opened?

    (I’ve since found another solution but will continue to follow the discussion.)

    Plugin Author Jim True


    Those are enhancement requests that ‘Need Votes’. Anything that has the Flag ‘Need Votes’ means we need people to vote on them to give them focus. In most cases like those, we’re also just too slim a team to focus our cycles on them unless someone feature funds it or there’s enough demand for it.

    What did you end up using?

    Wow, you’re fast! Thanks for the response.

    Understood re: limited resources. Although this would be useful, I can’t commit to providing resources, either. So I’ll let it drop.

    I haven’t completed the migration, but have planned it out using:

    • Manual munging of WordPress’ native content exports, and
    • Advanced Custom Fields.

    Who knows — I might end up going to Pods if that doesn’t work. Thanks again for all you do.

    Plugin Author Jim True


    Like we said, vote on that conversion feature (likewise to @jantiff).

    I know Scott and I have discussed a method for ‘reading’ what post types (and subsequently what connected post meta) are present in the database and not registered and using that as a method to create a Pods Configuration for unregistered post types, so it is definitely doable, just takes code support.

    Sorry to ask you for Github help, but I didn’t see a way to vote (and assumed that wasn’t possible because it’s closed). How does that work?

    I also am not sure how to vote. I logged in on Github and added a comment on the thread, maybe that is enough already @jimtrue ?

    Plugin Author Jim True


    I responded to you through GitHub @jantiff Basically you ‘thumbs-up’ reaction the description (or honestly any post). This is a ‘vote’ for GitHub.

    Done. Thanks again!

    @jimtrue :
    Could you help me properly understand this option you give, so I don’t do things wrong:

    Get the exact names of your post-types and their fields and create each as Pods. If they already exist, it should just add them as Pods when you recreate them.

    I have CPTs and Custom Fields created with Toolsets. An example is the CPT ‘composers’ (for a classical music site).
    So, how to convert these to Pods manually, and ensure all data in the CPTS and Custom Fields are kept.
    Like this?
    1) Uninstall Toolset plugin
    2) Create a Pods CPT called ‘composers’
    3) Create all Custom Fields (exact same name and slug)
    That’s basically it?
    All data should now be pulled in to Pods CPTs and Custom Fields?

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