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  • Greats Everybody,

    I’m voluntter worker for an association and want to have a server of the site on my own machine to make some tries of design and conception…
    The original site address is
    And the twice on my machine at the address
    Well, the dns is configured as well as apache (only ssl certificates are not officials), i have imported the files of the website on the apache folder, i have importer the database with the same user, database name and the same password, changing only the host as localhost.
    I’m under Fedora 26 and i have encountered problems with the installation with a pre-configured wp-config.php file. The owner of all folders and files is apache, but i ask myself if there would not be other permissions problems.
    I have also redefined the wp-cache location (…plugins/sp-super-cache) and the JETAPCK_SIGNATURE__HTTPS_PORT as 443.
    For the moment at address …./wp-admin/setup.php have have a sad blank page… and no indications what’s wrong !
    Any help welcome,

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  • I feel your pain.
    When I am doing experiments like this, I configure the localhost dev site to use EXACTLY the same name as the live site, then using two lines in my “hosts” file direct my browser to resolve the name to localhost. Commenting out these lines and I am back to the live site, when I want to address the cPanel or database on the live site I use the server name to login to the cPanel, same for FTP.
    As part of the setup I FTP down all of the website files, then examining settings in wp-config.php I create my database and databaseuser and password using the same text as the constrained hosted names. Then backup the hosted database and restore it locally, to save myself any confusion I add “(local)” to the sitename.
    The website barely knows it has moved server.
    I then develop my plugins and customise CSS and child themes etc.
    I probably DON’T upload the whole database except when I am recovering the live site from a hack in which case it has been closed down, rather I would reproduce menu setting changes or copy/paste new pages/posts.
    Among the few features which probably don’t work the same on localhost is SMTP so this testing has to be done on live site, similarly for updating plugins/themes/core using the WP dashboard, but with local computer access this is not an issue.

    The lines I would be adding to the “hosts” file are:

    Details here:

    Configuring your server to use the “VirtualHost” method is covered here:

    Much the same is possible if your development hosting ( just so long as it is a different IP to the live hosting. Rather than adding a subdomain it would be an addon domain, this requires that the hosting be configured to NOT check that addon domain resolves to itself, on occasions I have had to get my hosting tech support to do this for me. Of course in this case the IP in the hosts file would be that of the webserver.

    Greats Ross !

    I did put the site in localhost with the same name as you indicate. Well, the result is better : I have messages.
    The last one was this : “Already Installed You appear to have already installed WordPress. To reinstall please clear your old database tables first.”
    Grrrr…. I guess the goal is near, but in even case i will not delete my tables !!!
    How to do ?

    Thank you very much for your help, I’m happy to meet somebody on this forum who can help in my case 😉


    “Already Installed You appear to have already installed WordPress. To reinstall please clear your old database tables first.”

    Is this in response to running “<domain/>wp-admin/install.php” ? If yes, then all is good, as I said the website barely knows it has moved ! You have installed the files and database. Does the website work ?

    Deleting tables is not to be feared given that you have a .sql file to restore from.

    Greats Ross,

    Well, my work seems better i thought. You say the site is installed, but i still have a blank page on home page… i thingk it’s a misconfiguration of Apache, but i do no remember what is the correct mention for DirectoryIndex !
    Well, i try again to the address, cause i have change two lines in the table options of the database to change the url location… hope it will be efficent !
    For the moment the apache fedora test page at this address, and a ‘Not Found” erro when i try …./wp-admin/setup-config.php. No feeling about qhat’s wrong !

    Thanks for your answer, hope you can further help, but two brains clearly think better than a lonely one ! Thanks again !



    Well I had a misconfiguration of My VirtualHost. I have now the same resuts as in localhost : “Allready installed” for …/wp-admin/setup.php, and a blank page for the index…
    I have added the directive DirectoryIndex index.php index.html /index.php but no better result… I guess some directives to add to VirtualHost, but i can be wrong.
    You can try the addresse.


    PS : you must go to the adress …/wp-admin/setup-config.php to try the setup with the link. I remember that the administration location has another address on the official website.


    Looks like we are fixing two websites now:
    – On the internet, I get the expected result at:
    But the site is not working otherwise

    – On the localhosted website, can you see the remdme.html file ? This tests some of the apache2 configuration without needing PHP and databases.
    When you get the copy of a site done correctly by taking a copy of the files and database, then the install.php is not required.
    Just checking on your apache2 configuration:
    First you may need a declaration like this if your website files are not in the standard locatioon:

    <Directory /home/ross/web>
     Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
     AllowOverride All
     Require all granted

    Then for each website you need a block like this:

    <VirtualHost *:80>
    DocumentRoot /home/ross/web/ke

    Dear Ross,

    I have modified my VirtualHost as you said and have only access to the readme page.
    If you try, you can see the site is installed by go to …./wp-admin/setup-config.php and clicking the link for install.

    Don’t understand what’s wrong…




    Greats everybody,

    I puch up my topic, and anyboydy’s help will be welcome, and hope really somebody can help !!!
    Thanks anyway Ross to have put me on a better way.


    hello i lost my login page of wordpress and website during migration from blogger to wordpress. Hv u any idea, how can i restore my site.

    Hello Chandan,
    Firstly the forum rules here are that if you have your own question that you start a new thread, though this may sound strange it does ensure that your question gets the visibility in the community to get you the best answer. As it is probably only the people who have participated on the thread already will read your question.

    Depending upon when the error occurred during your website migration, you may find this article helpful, it list many different way that you can create a login if you lose access, all of the methods work, it just depends upon what access you have and what skills you have. The article:

    Thanks next time i will post my problem as a new topic.I reset my password but my wordpress login page is not seen.

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