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  1. himynameisvan
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    I recently followed the directions here on how to migrate a WordPress site from a subdirectory to the root directory of my site. I've done it successfully before, but for some reason things didn't work this time around and I would love any insight into how I can salvage is at this point!

    Basically I wanted to move:

    I followed all the steps precisely EXCEPT that I accidentally made the WordPress address and the site address the same (e.g. http://www.jenbtv.com/) instead of pointing the WordPress address to the original subdirectory. However, I rectified that afterwards by putting this code into my functions.php, which is reflected in the database:


    If you look at http://www.jenbtv.com/, you will see that all of the files and images are missing the /jenbtv2013 path, and just acting as though all the files exist in the root instead. Does anybody know how to fix this?

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