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  • Searching the forums didn’t turn up any folks detailing a migration from Radio Userland. Dave Winer (founder of Userland, although no longer an employee) cites one possibility, but I couldn’t find anything specific.
    I would suggest a top-level Migration folder, and encourage people who have moved from other tools to WordPress to post their tips, tricks, bloglinks, etc. there.

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  • John, the link you refer to alludes to the import-rss.php file included in the recent WP distros.
    import-rss.php is in the wp-admin folder. Access it using your browser and you will see the instructions. It’s just one line which asks you the save the rss file you want to import to a particular location and to edit one line in import-rss.php
    The problem with writing import tutorials is that not many have a Radio Userland Blog. I don’t have one. If I did, I would gladly write a detailed tutorial.

    I’m now testing User RadioLand!
    I like the fact that it keeps a copy of all post/blogs on my PC and that I can blog while offline.
    Plus I can blog via email.
    These are things that are missing in WordPress…
    Still not sure which way to go :S

    blogging via email is missing in WP? uh huh guess you better check your admin interface.

    Want to blog offline ? Use NotePad/Word/whatever then copy/paste in WP when online! 😉
    About that import-rss.php : it’s a grrreat idea, but I suppose the best way for it to work would be that all blogging tool should properly export all posts (full-text) in RSS. Which not much do at the moment, am I right ?
    Having such “import/export by RSS” would mean at last not having to build undreds of importers between differing tools. This needs evangelization 🙂
    Apparently Radio does export full RSS, are there other blogging tools allowing this ?

    Blogging via email works for some people, not for others. You can also blog offline using a third-party client such as w.bloggar – no official support for WP as yet, but you may be able to get it to work with the b2 settings.
    Import/export RSS might also be a good solution for all those people who would like to keep a backup of their entries without having to do a mySQL dump. I guess that would mean everyone agreeing on an RSS format, though, which seems unlikely.

    Thanks for the tip on import-rss. Userland has always been good about letting you own your data, in formats which should be easily transferable. Radio is powerful, but I need something server-side, without the power and expense of Manila. I won’t rush to make this move, but I’m thinking it’s the way to go. When/if I do it, I’ll be sure to blog the transition so it’s easier for anyone else.
    Encouraging to see such a vibrant support community.

    WillM said “…keep a backup of their entries without having to do a mySQL dump.”
    Hi Will, CAN a backup be made by a ‘simple’ MySql dump? My server has software for exporting databases but there are so many options to choose from.
    And can these databases be reimported into the online SQL databases or are they only for offline reading?

    Anyone find a way to do this yet? I’m interested in making the move from Radio, and, sniff, don’t want to start all over…

    Use import-rss.php that’s in your wp-admin folder!!
    you should be able to export your posts as rss files.
    the thread above says both these things!
    what’s the confusion? Or is it just that reading takes time ? 😉

    Actually, the thread says that this might be possible; there is also a suggestion that no one has tested the compatibility of the RSS formats that are actually used. As far as I know, Radio does keep backups of the file in (an) RSS format, but that there is no way to “export” them as such (in a single file, etc.) . I assume WordPress would probably work on a collection of files, but, as the one of the earlier posters said, no one seems to have done this yet (and written about it.) Yes, I also assume that the GUIDs, etc., would make concatenation a non-issue, but.. you never know.

    Ok, found a tool to concatenate all of the radio userland rss files and I imported the resulting file using import-rss.php. It went smoothly, except that all of the html entities are being rendered as text (e.g., &#913). Is there any easy to clean this up?
    Thanks again.

    Could you tell us about the RSS concatenator you found?

    I’ve now converted Status-Q from Radio to WordPress. I wrote a page on the WordPress wiki about how I did it.

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