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  1. Uobet
    Posted 2 years ago #


    I am one of the many people who on the one hand appreciate the functionality and easy handling of qtranlsate, but on the other hand are quite disappointed with the poor service given by the plugin author (no answers to questions, updates come up very late, problems are not solved...).

    That's why I would like to migrate from qtranslate to myqtranslate. Do you have some kind of instructions / manual explaining the single steps to do in order to conduct the migration?

    In case you should be interested I could also offer you to contribute to your project by preparing a German description of the migration process (when indicated also in Italian).

    Best Regards



  2. leslierad
    Posted 2 years ago #

    @ Uobet

    I wrote this to another user maybe it will help you so long

    Disable qtranslate then enable mqtranslate go to the settings page and import your qtranslate settings to mqtranslate.


    Under mqtranslate Settings:
    Open: Advanced Settings
    Find: Settings Migration
    Select: Import settings from qTranslate

    Save options, done

  3. Uobet
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Wow!!! The migration was very easy and everything works.

    In my case this is not self-evident because my site doesn't only have something like 100 pages, a member area, a event module (events made easy) but also some cases where I use php code like
    if(qtrans_getlanguage() == 'it'){
    echo '<a href="http://.....`

    Here is my detailed description how to migrate from qtranslate to mqtranlsate in English (and German). I hope it may be useful to other people who want to migrate from qtranslate to mqtranslate:

    First create a backup (Erstelle zuerst ein Backup deiner Seite).

    1) install the plugin mqtranslate (Installiere das Plugin mqtranslate)
    2) disable the plugin qtranslate (Das Plugin qtranslate deaktivieren)
    3) enable mqtranslate (mqtranslate aktivieren)
    4) go to settings - languages (Einstellungen - languages auswählen)
    5) Open "Advance Settings" by clicking on "Show" (Gehe zu "Advanced Settings" und klicke auf "Show" um den Bereich zu öffnen)
    6) Go to "Settings Migration" and select "Import Settings from qTranslate" (Gehe zu "Settings Migration" und wähle "Import Settings from qTranslate")
    7) Save changes (Die Schaltfläche "Save changes" anklicken um abzuspeichern.
    8) Stay where you are and go down to the area "Languages". There you have to choose your default language, enable your languages and disable the languages you don't use (in my case I had to disable English and Chinese, I enabled German as default language and I enabled Italian as the second language).
    Save changes
    Verlasse Konfigurationsbereich von mqtranslate noch nicht, sondern scrolle nach unten zum Bereich "Languages". Dort deaktiviere bitte die Sprachen, welche dich nicht interessieren und aktiviere die für dich relevanten Sprachen (in meinem Fall musste ich English und Chinesisch deaktivieren, Deutsch aktivieren und als Standardsprache setzen sowie Italienisch als zweite Sprache aktivieren).
    Speichere mittels Anklicken der Schaltfläche "Save changes"
    9) No go to Design - Widgets and select the widget "language chooser of mqtranslate". Place it where ever you want to put it (in my case in the header of the theme).
    (Nun wähle Design - Widgets und wähle das Widget "language chooser of mqtranslate" und platziere es an der für dich passenden Stelle (in meinem Fall im Kopf des Theme).

    That's it (Das war's).

    Thank you very much!


  4. mariaonpoint
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I do my own translations so I add titles and text in three languages. Will the mtranslate work for me you think?
    I don't know much about html so I was wondering if you could help.
    Thanks so much!

  5. mariaonpoint
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Quick question, if you deactivate the other languages on qtranslate and just leave English as the default language, will the previous titles of posts and text in other languages be gone too automatically or will I have to remove them? If they are gone after that, that would solve my problem.

  6. Uobet
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hi mariaonpoint,

    I am of course not an expert for mqtranlsate but I will try to answer:

    Qestion 1: Yes, mqtranlsate is going to work for you as well.

    Question 2:
    If you enable only English and make it your default language, it won't work if you hade three languages enabled and pages/news in three languages so far.

    As much as I understand you've installed qtranlsate at present. Now you would like to migrate from qtranlate to mqtranslate. At present you've activated tree languages and - i suppose - English is the default language of the three.
    In this case you have to configure mqtranslate exactly as you had configured qtranlsate before (please see my description).
    I give you an example.
    Let's say you have three languages, Englisch (default language), German and Italian.
    In this case you should configure mqtranslate exactly as you already had configured qtranslate so far:
    a) enable English as your default language
    b) enable Germane
    c) enable Italian
    d) disable other languages, in my case I had to disable Chinese
    You can check if everything is correctly configured by going to the top of the page, where your three languages should be listed, with English as the default language.

    I wish you good luck of the migration!


  7. Jacox
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hi Uobet,

    thanks for the migration description. It works with german (default language) and english (second) without problems.



  8. anunja
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hello! I have big problems with Nextgen Gallery using both plugins - qtranslatte and myqtranslate. Qtranslate doesn't translate images captions and myqtranslate even doesn't see gallery in the post - only in the post with default language. Any ideas?

  9. enquirer32
    Posted 2 years ago #

    This worked for me - qtranslate is forever giving problems. I would recommend doing this.

  10. Frutke
    Posted 2 years ago #

    You may want to start a new thread for issues with mqTranslate & NextGEN Gallery.
    This one is already marked as resolved.

  11. pulguinhasbeads
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Thank you for your work.
    Finally working

  12. jhernandis
    Posted 2 years ago #

    A lot of thanks... you save my day

  13. sgross
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hi, would you first upgrade WordPress and do then the switch to mqtranslate, or first do the switch and then upgrade WordPress? Thank you so much.

  14. chsxf
    Plugin Author

    Posted 2 years ago #

    You can upgrade either way, but I recommend switching to mqTranslate first, so you can check everything works as expected with the plugin before upgrading your whole WordPress database.

  15. sgross
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Thank you so much!

  16. tobifjellner
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I'd suggest a couple of extra steps:
    Before (around where you do the backup) make notes of some settings you're going to need afterwards:
    - Do you hide language indicator for main language, or not? (by default, mqtranslate hides it, and you may want to change this setting afterwards)
    - What URL format do you use?
    - In what widget areas do you use the language choice widget? (And do you show text, flags, or both?)

    After you import the settings from qtranslate, have a quick look at the other settings of mqtranslate to check that things are ok with you.

    And after:
    - The qtranslate language chooser will be gone. You now need to visit your widget settings and add the mqtranslate language chooser widget to the relevant widget areas, recreating possible widget header etc.

    And one special thing I noted:
    mqtranslate modifies the language indication to the current language for any link you're using that points to any specific language. In almost all cases, that's perfect. BUT: In addition to the language choice widget, I've been using pointers to the start page of all languages in the main menu. And suddenly all these different menu items point at the start page in the current language. As a quick-and-dirty workaround, I created "shortened" links to these pages with bitly.com, and those aren't touched by mqtranslate. :)

  17. thinckx
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hey Uobet,

    Thanks you for this plug-and-play information.

    Very helpful!


  18. soeren-phoenix
    Posted 2 years ago #

    first of all thanks for the good instructions!

    I have some small problems running a woocommerce store with the room09 theme. When I activate mqtranslate and setup titles for different languages, all titles will be displayed when you put the product into the cart and also at checkout no matter which language you choose. E.g. if I setup 3 titles for a product, one in english, one in german and one in spanish and the product is called "red toaster", when you put it into your cart there is a product image shown and "red toaster red toaster red toaster".

    Hope you can help me :) Thanks and best regards!

  19. Edde Beket
    Posted 1 year ago #

    I've got the same "triple title" problem:

    For example: http://venhop.nl/faciliteiten/verhuur-van-kanos-en-roeiboten/

    The title's are in TablePress (1.4) tables like
    <!--:nl-->Boottype<!--:--><!--:en-->Boat Type<!--:--><!--:de-->Boot Typ<!--:-->

    This used to work and is easier when changes occur. The alternative use of different tables for each language will work, but is a pain when it comes to updating information.

    Is there a way to keep multiple languages in one table?

    Is this a TablePress or a mqTranslate issue?


  20. Edde Beket
    Posted 1 year ago #

    I post a question because I'm stuck. Within 60 seconds I find a solution. Grumble...


    Works like a charm! Thanks!

  21. cibersheep
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Good work. I didn't nearly felt the change ;)

  22. worldwidej
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Just a quick "thank you" to uobet and leslierad.
    Migration worked within only a minute :)!

  23. Balky79
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Just a question before I move.

    I use "customized" (as original qTranalate had issues in 3.8) php call to display flags in the page footer.

    Is this working properly in mqtranslate?

  24. Balky79
    Posted 1 year ago #

    OK, I've switched to mqTranslate.

    Flag part works like a charm, and thanks to Uobet's step by step description, it is peace of cake. Thanks @Uobet!

    Now question for plugin developers. I have same issue as I had with qTranslate.

    I can't import links / images from media library to a text I'm writing.

    So, eg, I write text in Croatian and Import links, it will import them somewhere in English, where the cursor is focused, and vice versa.

    OK, that's an easy workaround as I insert all the media once, then write it and copy all to other language then translate, but still... can this be fixed to work properly?



  25. tobifjellner
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Balky79: Have you tried shortcodes?
    In the media description, I may put something like this:

    [:ru]Фотографии с открытия[:en]Photos from the opening[:fi]Kuvat avaamisesta[:ee]Avamine

    Works for me... :)

  26. mboschi
    Posted 1 year ago #

    It did not import any contents...I do not why. I see only the contents of default language. I followed your description. Can you help me?

  27. mboschi
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Now it works! Thank you!!!

  28. ivounnerry
    Posted 1 year ago #


    My client's site uses Qtranslate and I badly need a solution to stop all the plugin's mess.
    My question is, if I migrate to mqtranslate, will these codes still work:
    <?php _e('<!--:fr-->CONTENT HERE<!--:--><!--:en-->CONTENT HERE<!--:-->'); ?>
    <?php if (function_exists('qts_language_menu') ) qts_language_menu('both'); ?>

  29. tobifjellner
    Posted 1 year ago #

    ivounnerry: Most probably, it will work. mqtranslate uses the same data structure that qtranslate does.

    Quickest way to check your case, would actually be to try it directly on the site. (If it's a heavy production site, then you may prefer to stage it on a cloned site, though).

    1. Add the mqtranslate plugin
    2. deactivate qtranslate
    3. activate mqtranslate
    4. In mqtranslate settings, import the settings for qtranslate
    5. Have a look at the public side of the site. Especially those places, where you've echoed things directly in your theme.
    6a. If happy, leave as it is. delete qtranslate.
    6b. If unhappy, deactivate and delete mq, activate qtranslate and continue searching for a solution.
    7. Come back here and tell us your findings. :)
    Get back here and tell us your findings.

  30. ivounnerry
    Posted 1 year ago #

    @tobifjellner : Thanks. It seems okay.

    I'm just wondering if the step 4 is an automatic or not. what I did is manually edit the settings as I can't see any "import" data here.

    Anyway, this is really good. My problem is solved!

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