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    Hi all

    im having problems with “migration” from old mysql 4.X database. Goddady’s hosting. From the begining, we started with this version of mysql with wordpress for spanish language. In mysql tables, the special characters are saved as

    ¿Qué apostamos?
    Un millón para el mejor


    I started a new installation of WP. And created a new mysql bd version 5. I couldn’t get make it work. Then I tried with a new mysqld bd version 4. All of these operations in same goddady hosting. No worked. My doubt is, which collate have I to use en mysql 5? Keeping in mind that, special chararcter are saved in this way -> Â, Qué, millón… I could get pass exactly dates from one bd to second, so this is not the problem. WP version is 2.5.1.

    I don’t know how to know what type of collate used old mysql 4.x. The question is that with this old bd, special characters was showed correctly in the past.

    Any help or advice will be helpful 🙂


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  • The problem was

    define(‘DB_CHARSET’, ”);
    define(‘DB_COLLATE’, ”);

    by default, CHARSET is setup to UTF-8. I changed to blank value and all worked well again.

    I’m having the same problem described here (not on a go daddy site though). The new tables I have set up in MySQL5 are utf8_general_ci whereas the ones that are set up in mysql4 don’t state what kind of collation. I have the same kind of special character encoding described above (e.g. firm‚Äôs), but when i make the change described to the DB_CHARSET variable, they display as question marks (e.g. firm���s).

    I’ve tried running both and to no avail.

    Any ideas? Should I switch the collation on my new database?

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