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  • Are there any specific guides or tools for migrating templates from MT to WP? I’m using an MT template which I really like, and would like to transfer it across, but my CSS skills etc are not that great. Is there a simple way round this or is this a silly request?

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  • its not a silly request. u just need to concentrate on the wp codes and put them in a empty MT template…

    Index.php annotated and explained might help you in your task.
    There is no automated tool for migrating templates.

    Hmmm, thanks for that. I have a sneaky suspicion that an automated tool for template migration (used along with the MT data import tool) would make a lot more people interested in moving from MT to WP.
    At the moment it really is quite a laborious task to sift through the relevant WP php files and replace MT codes with the WP equivalents. What makes it worse is that it appears to be a task that a script/applet could do in seconds. Or am I missing the point here?

    I’m not familiar with MT, but I’m guessing it’s significantly different as far as structuring goes, especially because it’s a Perl script rather than PHP.
    If you make the move, let us know what’s involved and maybe someone will look into creating an automatic tool.

    template conversion tool… sounds like yummy but also theoritically impossible. u guys can have a look at alex’s style page.
    u gotta find something that mermerize u:

    Sushubh…theoretically impossible? Really? Why?
    Surely it’s just a case of search and replace like for like tags? The main problems I can see would be with super customized tags and the like. And the point is that I don’t want to change my site design just to move to WP, I want to be able to keep my format and gain the benefits of no rebuilds at the same time.
    I want to have my cake and chew on it! 🙂

    these guys here have made me eat my words… so i said sounds 🙂
    make the cake by spending 30 minutes. that should be enough for converting the template! 🙂

    Well I’m going to try and do it manually when I get some time to see how far I get anyway. If anyone has some time and inclination to become a famous template migrator creator I volunteer instantly as a beta or alpha tester! 🙂 All disaffected MT users will thank you! 🙂

    I am doing the exact same thing right now (migrating from MT to WP). Just open your MT index template and clear out all the code except for divs and label the space between the divs to help yourself. Then just copy and paste PHP code from WP’s index.php in the appropriate locations in the cleaned up WP index template. Load it up and see how it displays, then fix any problems issues. Thats what I did and it literally took me minutes to make my WP look identical to my current MT site … tweaking the comments will take a few more. I think I have a blurb on my site on this.

    Michel had a blogger-b2 template converter on the b2 site and MT templates are not that different from blogger, so it should be possible.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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