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  • I am experimenting with a move from b2evolution 3.3.3 for a number of reasons. I am seeking guidance/advice on bringing my existing setup into WP as closely as possible.

    I have a blog site, the root of which, is what b2evo calls a blog summary. In other words, it is never posted to directly, it simply aggregates the other 5 blogs that exist at, blog2, etc. This was one of the key things that drew me to b2evo at first. I have several contributors to this blog site that all have their own streams of content, their own themes, RSS feeds, etc.

    I am struggling to see how to replicate this with WP. There is no setting that I can find or plugin that seems to make the root blog simply an aggregation point. If I’m missing something, please point me in the right direction.

    I am considering moving the blogs to separate categories of a single blog. If I do that, can I customize with themes the categories individually? The contributors want some level of customization, with their own header banners, colors, etc., and that’s why I went multi-site with b2evo because that was pretty simple. Should I stick with multi-site here or go single site and categories, do you think?

    Finally, if I were to migrate the data from my existing b2evo database to WP, does the migration script on the codex have the ability to handle migration from one b2evo blog into a specific wp_# table set in the database? I’m not a coder by any stretch of the imagination, but I looked at the script and it wasn’t obvious to me that it would do that. It just seems to take a given blog # from b2evo and migrate it to the main set of tables.

    Sorry for the long post and the multiple questions in a single post. I appreciate any and all questions/feedback/suggestions.


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  • Multisite kind of works that way, too, you know.

    Install it at and you get a blog there at the root level. Use subdirectories and you get and

    Or do subdomains and you get and and so on.

    It’s just a case of where your root is and knowing that’s what’ll run the whole thing and be your base URL.

    That’s what I thought, ipstenu, thanks for the confirmation.

    So when it comes time to migrate the data out of b2evo, is there a clean and EASY way to get the data into the appropriate wp_1, wp_2, etc tables? I guess ultimately that’s what I’m trying to figure out. I did a test import, and everything was imported into the root site, which is not what I want at all.

    I’ve seen some of your posts about hacking the database, and I’m not averse to doing that if I have to (I’m a systems/database guy, not a PHP coding guy) but would obviously prefer not to do so if there’s a “better” way.

    Thanks again!

    ipstenu likely knows better but here is what I did when I had 3 blogs using same database and wanted to move them to separate domains

    downloaded db as .sql file
    edited file in notepad
    cut all tables like wp_, wp1_ and wp3_ into separate notepad instances and saved them as .sql files
    then imported each separately into the differing installs

    not sure your blogs db structure but you can likely do something similar with whatever export type you use

    Except you were going from WP to WP… I have zero ideas about b2e. I don’t know how you move from one to WP, but if there’s a basic importer, I would build the site in WP, get it looking right, design each sub site, set it up how you want, and then import the posts.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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