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  • Serge


    I have shared hosting on Dreamhost.

    I have 2,00+ news websites, 400 visitors per day, 10 plugins.

    Usage Sample: 73.45MB (29%)
    Peak Usage: 73.57MB (29%)
    All-Time: 75.09MB on 8/15/11 @ 2:43 pm (admin_print_footer_scripts)
    Load Averages: 0.97 0.84 1
    WP Memory Limit: 1024M
    PHP Memory Limit: 90M

    Memory limits are set in my *.php files and do not mean anything to the hoster.

    I can remove uncritical pugins and stay under 64 mb of memory.

    I get 500 and 404 errors. Contacting DH customer support, I was suggested I need VPS. The will not reveal “for security purposes” how much memory they give per user. (Strange!) Internet resources suggest, DH gives 64 mb par user account, and they cut-off scripts consuming more than 32 mb. That is how 500 error generated.

    The site is making generous $4.00/mo. We simply do not go VPS at this time.

    Will move to bluehost solve my problem?

    Thank you!

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  • You may try to look at WPWebHost for comprehensive solutions for your hosting.



    The same think.

    Call them and ask (like I did) if they will give you 64 mb memory per domain. The answer is NO, and push you to go to VPS.

    I was having the same problem about six months ago and switched to a VPS at DreamHost. All was fine until the last couple weeks when once again the problems of 500 and 404 errors came back. Except now they also come with “database unreachable” errors. The answer from DreamHost, unsurprisingly, is to increase the amount of RAM on the VPS. In other words, give DreamHost more money if you want your service to remain the same.

    My hosting bill is coming due soon. I think it might be time to migrate to another host but I am not sure where to go. Sometimes I think I should just host my site on my own server out of my garage.

    I’ve been buying web hosting for over 15 years now, and this is the most robust I’ve found without getting into VPS and dedicated servers:
    The $22/month BusinessClass plan should be more than adequate because the servers used for this service are pretty large.

    But, as with the others, ask first. The Live Chat, then select Sales, is probably the easiest way to ask the questions.

    Rackspace Cloud Hosting – 1.5c/min – comes out to around 12/mo plus bandwidth fees. Very reliable. If you need help getting the server up and running, let me know.

    Out of curiousity, having never heard of them before, I checked the Rackspace site and it is 1.5 cents per hour, not per minute. Works out to $11/month.

    That is for 256MB RAM and 10GB Disk. Not sure if the 256MB RAM will be enough for you, as I was dying on a VPS with 1024MB RAM, and my workload is much smaller than yours.



    I am thinking of leaving BlueHost because of crashes, slowness, unsatisfactory answers. They all lie.



    If you were on a VPS and had slow performance, you should consider tuning MySQL and Apache. My WordPress was CRAWLING before I tuned it, and now its as fast as anything.

    Sorry, it is per hour and not per min. I did have the correct monthly amount though.

    I can always upgrade to 512MB or more, the price just doubles per hour.



    Shared hosting. I’m switching now to VP on another host. Thanks.



    @econophile – Seriously consider Rackspace. You pay a flat rate of 1.5c/hr and 18 cents per GB of bandwidth. You also get a dedicated IP address and FULL control from Linux distro to configuring and installing server.

    If you need help with it, feel free to message me mrh7184 _at_ gmail _dot_ com

    Brad Dalton


    All the hosting providers lie and throttle everyone’s account to try and force you to upgrade even on VPS so they make more money

    I have tried 7 of them and they all do it as there’s NO regulator stopping them.

    Blurhost and dreamhost are the worst at it even on the Pro plan which costs $25 a month for one site

    You can increase php memory in your php.ini file

    I have written a blog post about it but cannot leave links in this forum




    They throttle your CPU cycles, not your allocated memory. The difference between shared and VPS hosting is if your site needs more memory and its available, it will get more memory on a shared account. On VPS hosting, if you have 256MB, you are maxed at 256MB. The CPU usage is still shared and that will be throttled if your apps take too much of it. Bandwidth will get throttled too if multiple people are transferring large files.

    So hosting providers do not ‘lie’. Its in their terms of service how utilization is managed. Maybe you should try reading it sometime.

    Brad Dalton


    Never said they throttled memory

    Hosting providers are sneaky rats and snakes especially if your not in the same country as them

    php memory can be increased on any plan by editing the limits in the php.ini file

    Hosts offer unlimited everything and then have small fine print which is hard to find and hard to understand

    Once the 30 day money back period has expired they start throttling accounts to force upgrades

    Those are the facts

    Hosting providers are liars and cheats. That’s not to say their staff are but many of the owners are

    They don’t show their face or leave their contact details

    If you want to contact the owners of Hostagator or Bluehost you can’t because their hiding

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    This is why we don’t like these kinds of discussions here. Just opinions and ranting back and forth.


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