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    After killing some plugins that seemed to be holding up archiving, everything seems to have been wrapped up ready to transfer. However, I’ve got a failure with:

    Can not download manifest file | The requested URL returned error: 404 Not Found

    I can’t find a log file anywhere in the wp-content folder, which I suspect points to an issue. There are some permissions issues in my installation (it is quite ancient), but if I know where the script is saving things out, I should be able to fix them.

    So: is there somewhere I should be fixing permissions to allow the plugin to write out a manifest, or is this something more difficult?

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    Hey @cowfish

    Our plugin needs write permissions to the uploads folder to create the archives and the manifest file.
    The other possible issue is that something is blocking our plugin to download the files, usually a security plugin.

    Please check the permissions of the folder and try again.


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    Thanks for looking into this for me.

    The permissions on the upload folder seem to be fine – it’s tarred everything up ready to transfer, but not created a manifest:

    billy:[…]/wp-content/uploads/1575502167-[a load of chars]$ ls
    plugins sql themes

    billy:[…]/uploads/1575502167-[a load of chars]$ du
    143016 ./plugins
    23160 ./themes
    724916 ./sql
    891096 .

    I can also download the files themselves using a direct link without any problem.

    Do you have a sample manifest file? I can make one manually if there’s something stopping it from being created.



    Can you advise how you resolved this? I have the same issue, directory and tars all sitting there, no sign of a manifest file though. File and folder permissions also checked.

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    No resolution yet – they seem to check these threads every month or so πŸ™‚

    I deleted everything to start again, and now it doesn’t make the tars…

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    Finally resolved this myself – ta muchly to the Sitegrounds for supplying the plugin, fixing the automatic transfer got me back to understanding my site better, and what terrible things I’ve done to it over the past decade πŸ™‚

    Fixes I’ve done over the past few months while occasionally tinkering with it (I have no urgent need to move, and relying on a clean WP build to fix many of my issues that I have now fixed was one reason…):
    * Fixed permissions – 644 for files, 755 for directories. Everything now owned by appropriate users.
    * Checked what was in my database and cleaned up a load of tables that were left behind by badly behaved plugins. This was the final problem, as I had a huge database table that the autoupdated kept trying and failing to save. It would dump out up to about 650mb, pause, delete it and then try again. I binned the table (and a bunch of other dead things) and the migrator worked perfectly.

    Ta muchly folks. Thanks for resolving it when it wasn’t resolved, though…

    I temporarily removed the following from my .htaccess and it fixed the problem πŸ™‚

    <FilesMatch “\.(txt|md|exe|sh|bak|inc|pot|po|mo|log|sql)$”>
    Require all denied

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