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  • Hello. A couple of weeks ago I migrated a site over. It was originally installed and built on the same site only in a webtest directory. Now it is at the root. I have a problem that was resolved by editing the old site directory from the .css. It worked fine. It kept resolving to the webtest url directory.

    Now it is back to resolving to the old webtest again after a couple of weeks. I had turned it over to the client and there have been changes made to the site itself.

    If I go into WordPress/General I see the WordPress Address (URL)
    Site Address (URL) resolving to the webtest again.

    How can I fix this without losing all of the changes that the client made since handing over the site?

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  • Okay. I think I need a little more guidance than this. This is my first WP site and I can’t lose any of the changes that they made.

    – Created a new instance of WordPress in the root of the site.
    – I created a new database then migrated all items except the old database into the new site.
    – It was somehow still looking at the old site so the styles.css was modified to look at the new url. It was fine. I’m not sure whether after handing it over the guy made a mistake and restored from a backup. I should have deleted the old backups but overlooked it.

    Now if I go to Admin/settings/general I see the old site listed again. Is there a way that I can change the url in there and not lose any of the changes they have made since handing it over?
    Thank you!

    I am very worried about losing their changes. I did read through the articles and just need some guidance on doing this so I don’t mess it up. It has to be seemless to them when I do it.

    All your articles and settings are saved in database and all your your themes,plugins and uploads are saved in wp-content folder.

    So as long as you keep backup of database and wp-content folder you should be fine.

    It was originally installed and built on the same site only in a webtest directory. Now it is at the root. I have a problem that was resolved by editing the old site directory from the .css. It worked fine. It kept resolving to the webtest url directory.

    Now why did did you change css link as that should work from your theme

    Any if you have all wordpress files and folders in root then you will be safe change the urls to domain name where as if you have wordpress files and folders in webtest directory then you can move to root or use wordpress from directory

    Thanks govpatel. I am wondering if all of the changes that have made are also in the webtest directory. There is a problem that I just noticed…?? I renamed the webtest directory to webtestold when it was resolving to the right urls. I’m not sure what happened or if they have restored from backup or what. I just know that they are resolving to a directory that doesn’t exist. The home page resolves okay but then when I click on any tab it resolves to

    Where exactly are your wordpress files and folder are they in root or in directory as I see this urls in your source code

    so where does
    this come from

    What do you have in Settings>>>General

    I believe they are in the root. I don’t know what is?? They were originally installed in WPInstall directory then migrated to a site with a brand new WP database. The old database was omitted.

    In Settings>>>General I have:

    WordPress Address (URL)

    Site Address (URL)

    I have no idea where these settings are coming from.

    The settings are coming from the database the wp-config.php file is pointing to.

    How do I go about changing this and will I lose any data?

    I think I have a pretty serious issue but can’t go changing everything now. I see that someone has possible restored to the wrong database. I’m not sure but in wp-config.php I see it is pointing to the old database. I don’t think that’s such a big deal in that there was nothing wrong with the old database. I need to know how to change the url to the actual root without losing any data that they have changed.

    I handed this site over to the client and they were to have Admin access. I have now downgraded them to Editor for the time being.

    Where is the data they changed? In the old or new database?

    To change the site URL read the link I posted in my first reply.

    If you have your wordpress files and folders in root then you can change urls in settings >>>>General to be just domain name if that is your host has configured your domain name to point your root.

    You will need to reset your permalinks if used

    Okay now I kind of understand. I went in and looked where my host database itself is and it says: Online Manager

    Is this the way my url is supposed to look? OR could it be configured so that all urls point to root instead of the hosting??

    I’m also a bit confused by what I see in the wp-config.php points to the first database. When if fact I backed everything up after a successful migration and the backup has the name and credentials of the second database.

    Unless you’re marketing your site as, the URL is supposed to be the domain name you’ve bought, and you need to point your domain name to your host’s webservers.

    Point it to whichever database has the data you want and just change the URL settings.

    Do I just go in and change it under settings>>>general or do I change it at the online manager. I don’t see the anywhere in the we-config.php. I just see that it’s pointing to the first database that was created. That doesn’t really matter.

    I do see:
    MySQL settings – You can get this info from your web host ** //
    /** The name of the database for WordPress */
    define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘623913_WSH1’);

    /** MySQL database username */
    define(‘DB_USER’, ‘SQLADMIN’ changed for obvious reason);

    /** MySQL database password */
    define(‘DB_PASSWORD’, ‘dbpassword’ (changed for obvious reason);

    /** MySQL hostname */ for
    define(‘DB_HOST’, ‘’);

    Thank you!

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