• Hello everybody! (first post!)

    I would like to buy some domain and web-space for wordpress. And here is the question, I have an old webcomic and I would like to migrate all my strips to my new wordpress blog.

    But the problem is tha I’m talking about almost 4 years of pubblishing, and this means lots of images.

    So my idea was to install wordpress on my pc (done) tha write some script for reading file properties (like creation date) and than copying the file in wordpress directory and updating the database.

    I can do all the “reading file properties” stuff.

    I was watching the wordpress db for reverse enginering a post, but it seems not so easy as I supposed. As I thank, in the post there are several columns (date added, content and others) and this is ok. But I also noticed that an images is a post itself (which type is “attachment”)…

    Can someone explain me how to fill the database?

    For example, let’s suppose I have an image dated 12-feb-2008. I would like to have a post, dated exatly 12-feb-2008 with that image.

    Which tables and columns do I have to fill?

    Is there any developer’s guide, api or anything??

    thanks by now (and sorry for my spaghetti english 🙂 )

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