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    i have secondary blog with different prefix, on its own installation but in same database as main domain, i want to make my secondary blog multisite. should i create an multisite linking to same directory as secondary blog, them move its files to the multisite folder am not sure which route to go

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  • Don’t do it with the same DB.

    You need to first move the second site to it’s own DB (trust me, it’ll be hell to maintain with two in one).

    Then just follow the directions to activate multisite.

    i want to ask you though i just found this can this work because the secondary blog was already installed in main site database ever since the site got launched moving the database looking at the database there even some tables is not the same as main site tables for instance wp_users for secondary blog is not there because initially we had changed some settings in the capabilities file in secondary blog to use main installation wp_users tables….

    That wasn’t what you asked, though.

    Do you want to move your second site into a subsite of your first site, or do you want to make your secondary site it’s own multisite?

    Those are different things you see 🙂

    no not its owon multisite caue i already have multisite, sorry if i didn’t clarify clearly, my main installation on primary domain is already multisite, jjust want to make this secondary blog into the main multisite please do forgive me if i didn’t explain properly

    You want to make the second p, separate, installation the MAIN blog on your already existing multisite?

    You’ll yes, want to import the current site into the multisite. I would not recommend trying to merge the database if at all possible. It’s vile and complicated. Just do a straight up export/import.

    i tried import it into multisite before and it did not complete at all. am up to bog 28 right now because i have tried so many different delete of multisite then create an new, one i tried splitting files too but nothing gets imported, and when i mean nothing gets imported it appears as if it would do something was able to select authors, but right after that its just blank

    “bog 28?”

    How big is this ‘second blog’?

    issue is resolved, thanks i followed this link my site is now in multisite

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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