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  • Hi Guys,

    Could I get help with the folloing I’ve been working on migrating websites using wordpress from one cPanel to another cPanel host.

    We have upgraded to PHP 5.3.x which should not matter. The data and the databases have been copied without an issue.

    So the way we are testing is adding the new host ip with the domain name to my hosts file, as the sites are still live.

    The live sites still work 100%. The issue is on the new host some of the pictures do not load correctly, this has happended to all but one of the wordpress sites that we have tired to migrate.

    I have noticed that on the new host that we have migrated that in the mysql databases in the following tables; wp_options, wp_posts(post_content), wp_posts(guid), wp_postmeta; that in some of the values there the old host ip address is hard coded.

    I’ve updated this using an update sql string but this still has not fixed the broken images, text & video is working just not images.

    The other one gets the following error:

    I managed to get around this by chmod 444 wp-config.php then I get thown another error:

    Now from what I’ve read you can just copy the data over then copy the database and make any changes in wp-config.php and all should be swell.

    I’ve even tired creating a new wordpress site on the new host so I know it works.

    I’ve even used the password hash from my temp site as the password that I’ve been given for the “broken sites” does not work, I’ve gone into the mysql database and updated it in there, as we don’t know what the admin passwords are.

    I’ve tired to manually update the E-Mail address in the mysql wp_users to my E-Mail address perform a password reset and the E-Mail never makes it into my inbox (The new test site that I created worked).

    The last option I can think of is try and get the client to perfom a password reset, login and export “All content” from the admin page, and import it manually into the temp test site.

    Any idea’s would be great thanks.

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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