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  1. eng.big
    Posted 3 years ago #


    my case:
    I created my site using wordpress locally on XAMPP, and now am struggling to get it up and running on live server! I tried all the options and visited all the forums.. until now none seems to know the solution.. hope u can help in this.

    what I did :
    after I edited my site locally and created pages and menus, it worked perfectly on my local computer.. now i want to upload it to the web host for http://www.tawasul.ps .. Here is the steps i did :

    1- I exported the database from local machine into .sql file
    2- I created a new database in the web server and gave it a new user
    3- Inside phpmyadmin in web server, I imported the .sql file.. import was succesful.
    4- I created a folder inside public html named it ar, then I uploaded my wordpress folder from my local machine to server inside ar folder using FTP client.. i created ar folder for testing to see if it works or not.
    5- I went to wp-config and changed db user, password and host to my settings
    6- I opened wp-options in phpmyadmin and changed site url to http://www.tawasul.ps/ar and did the same for home.

    problems encountered:
    1- when I open http://www.tawasul.ps/ar its not as it is in the local machine.. its missed up!
    2- when I try to open wp-admin I get nothing.. as it is unrecognized link.
    3- I noticed when I run xammp in my pc the website background change and few other things, also wp-admin opens (but the url in the browser points to my localhost).. I think its importing setting from my local machine not from the web server.. wierd!

    notes: am using wordpress 3.4.2 and suffusion theme

    pleas help me in this issue am stuck!

  2. eng.big
    Posted 3 years ago #

    update: if I run xampp in my local machine my website does not change neither wp-admin open, it happened once before but now it looks not effecting anything.. just weird computer behaviour XD

  3. Brad Dalton
    Posted 3 years ago #

    You should install this plugin locally and add the new server details

    I've also got a slide show and video if you need it.

  4. Md Mahmudur Rahman
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Before importing the SQL file into your live database, you should open the SQL file in a text editor and search and replace http://localhost with your live URL

    Hope this will help.

  5. marcnsl
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I tried all these otptions and still my site http://www.etlwebs.com doesnt display like it does on my local server (xampp).

    I am using the Evolve! theme by themegiant.net, I am also using Permalinks could this be a problem?

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