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  • I have a question about migrating a complete wordpress installation to a new server. I followed the directions step by step available here:

    The site itself displays okay at the new location, but I can’t log into the wp-admin there, because it instantly redirects me to the old URL.

    Yet I can’t find any trace of the old URL listed in the database or in the files.

    Any ideas where I can find and toggle this setting?

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  • If it redirects… you should check the site_url and home values in the options table. See the guide:

    Thank you, but as I wrote I used that guide to migrate, and the new URLS are in the database.

    Any other possibilities?

    Clear the cache?
    BTW, this is NOT the same guide you used!

    I suppose, it is a wp-2.0 install.
    In this case, you need to delete the content of options in the cache in the wp-content folder.
    Something like this:

    No, I haven’t dared to try a WP 2.0 yet. This is just moving a working 1.5.x to another.

    Let me try deleting the cache as you suggest … good idea, but no it still redirects.

    I have “grep -r” d the entire site looking for an instance of the old URL, but I don’t find one. Triple checked home and siteurl, but they have the correct values, as does everything else I see in the options table.


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    Add the following to wp-config.php:

    define('RELOCATE', true);

    With that set, try to login. WP will detect the new location and update the URLs in the database.

    When you’re done, remove the RELOCATE line.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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