migrating static site to multisite with multiple domains and subdomains (3 posts)

  1. BSK
    Posted 4 years ago #

    hi all,

    ok, here's an overview as this is a bit of as tall order:)

    i need to migrate our entire site into wp. right now we're just using wp for a blog page (installed in subfolder w/ subdomain), and all other pages are static in the root of the site.

    i want to get all of this combined into one wp install for our main site, blog, and international sites.

    here's what i'm doing now -

    • test wp multisite installed in subfolder of root
    • migrated existing wp posts, plugins, and static pages into multisite (one site for main site, another for uk site)

    once i have all content migrated into my multisite install, what is the best way to handle making it live? there are some files and folders with other subdomains pointing to them in the root that exist outside of wp and can't be moved / changed.

    I was thinking i would,

    • point mysite.com to my test multisite install subfolder and change my site url in wp to mysite.com
    • point my uk domain to my test multisite install subfolder and change my site url in wp to mysite.co.uk

    is this the best way to go about doing this? also, what would be the best way to keep my top domain pointing to all of my other static content in my root? should I just drop all of theose static files into my multisite install folder? can putting those other files in my wp folder mess up my install?

    this is a complex job and i'm looking for the best way to do it with minimal headaches (although i kinda have one now after posting this:)!

    thanks so much!!!

  2. BSK
    Posted 4 years ago #

    anyone have any insight or suggestions on this? thanks again!

  3. Dattaraj Vidyasagar
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I am also facing the same problem.
    Previously I had http://vsagar.com/students subdomain. Now I want to migrate to the root with all this data which is already on subdomain.
    I took the backup from subdomain and restored it on root i.e. http://vsagr.com. Its ok.
    Now I want to point all the links of subdomain posts to my root posts, which come up from Google, Yahoo and directly also. I have all identical posts on subdomain and root domain.
    Can this be done....?
    Please anybody help....

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