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    I’d appreciate any help with the following.
    I am running a website, let’s say,
    The website has to be migrated to a new server and I decided to use the opportunity to migrate it into a fresh multisite installation of WP and add another site, so the final result should be and

    I currently have two subdomains ( and running on the new server, while the original site is still running on the old one, however, when I install multisite wordpress on, I am only able to create sites a level down – What I need is to create
    I thought I would migrate the old site to and the new site to and then only change some settings, so that becomes Is anything such possible? How can I do it? I don’t want to redirect the DNS settings to the new server before everything works.

    Hope somebody understands my problem from my explanation 🙂
    Thanks a lot.

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  • Set your New subsite’s A record in DNS as you wish… Don’t try it yet! And don’t monkey with the root domain to the server itself or clobber any other DNS record there.

    Go to Dashboard –> My Sites –> Network Admin–> Sites –> Select the site you need to answer as subdomain.example (whatever you set that A record As) and hit edit.

    Change the Site URL under info and save to whatever that A record is. Double check that the site url and home url match under settings. Save if you have to edit.

    Now you can try it… should work just fine.

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    Thanks, that helped. I only needed to reinstall WP as I first installed in the site the address of which needs to be changed and that is not possible. When I now installed on the subdomain that will stay as is, it works and I was able to create a new site where I can change the address. I’m now having a problem with logging in the new site but that’s a separate thread.

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