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  • Hi,
    I installed the latest version of WP and adjusted everything. Now I should migrate ~50k articles from my custom developed (PHP+MySQL) website to WP database. I am comfortable with SQL, but I’m not sure which fields I should fill.

    Is there a tool for that? Or should I make SQL queries completely alone? Any documentation?


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  • I guess one would study the old MySQL tables and the new ones?

    Not exactly.
    My old website is not WordPress. Now I will transfer the date in my custom-tailored database to the database of WordPress. Which tables should I fill? Which fields need to be filled?

    As Saecaost said… You will need to study the DB design that Wordpres suses to determine which tables and fields you will need to fill in. As we don’t know your existing DB structure it’s impossible for us to say what data from your old system should go where in the WP system.

    But, as a hint, wp_posts is the main content table. From there wp_postmeta holds extra information as well. Good luck.

    is wp_postmeta mandatory?

    No. You don’t have to put anything in there. It’s there in case there’s extra values that you need for the post. BUT, you will need to investigate yourself to see if there’s anything in there that looks like it might be related becuase I’m sure that there’s some things in there that are needed.

    You can pass the content for the WXR content and import using the wordpress importer.

    WordPress Importer seems to be doing good job.

    Which tag should I put the category in the RSS file?

    There are many images in my old website. Is there a tool to import them too?

    I this page has a WXR file that you can use as example. It has categories and images too.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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