• I’m migrating my client’s site from WP.com to self-hosted WP.org. Her blog is 5 years old and has over 1200 posts and over 20 000 comments. WP.com says that the media alone takes up to 8Gb of space.

    The problem is: she has bought only 1Gb of disk space, is it impossible to migrate the old site to the new host even without the media/images? Can I find the size of the WP.com site anywhere?

    Is it possible to only import posts and comments and export the media somewhere else and easily link it to the old posts? She has around 1-10 images per post. Or can we keep the media in the wordpress.com and link it to the new site? Or would it be possible to downsize the existing media files?

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    I thought that the import was not successful, but it seems to be working okay. Images on the new site are still linked to the old wp.com site – am I allowed to keep them linked there and not host the old photos on the new site?

    First, a WP.org isn’t a thing. WordPress.org is a website where you download the WordPress software and get support.

    You are migrating from WordPress.com to a self-hosted server…

    Not sure what WordPress.com rules are for linking to content.

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    @jaycbrf I think it’s easier to talk about the self-hosted wp-site and the wp.com with the names org and com – sorry.

    I guess I’ll have to ask this from wp.com. But I guess it would be safer and easier to use remote hosting for images. But is it going to be a pain in the ass to firstly export images from wp.com to image hosting site (like flickr etc) and link all the images used in those 1200 posts to the new image host – I guess it is?


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