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  • We are migrating from Typepad to WordPress. After I import my content from Typepad,
    1. Will the SEs now find our content on two blogs until I shut down Typepad or will my new WordPress blog take a while to be searched?

    2. What is the recommended procedure after importing? Should you post on both blogs for a little while to ensure your content is being found and that both are working or do you switch the first one off as soon as you import your content?


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  • Though I’ve never used Typepad there are certain general rules that should apply to every kind of import.

    Some of the questions cannot be answered without more info from you. E.g.:
    Will the blog be on the same domain as it was before?
    Will the URL structure of the permalinks be the same?

    Double content (i.e. posting on both blogs) is NOT really recommended, some SEs might punish you for that!

    Thanks for your reply.
    To your questions:
    1. the blog will be in a different domain since our Typepad blog is not hosted within our site. This is the reason we are changing to WordPress, actually.
    2. the URL to our blog will change from to

    Do you recommend then switching the existing one off as soon as we import the content into WordPress? Thanks again.

    There are some good tips in this thread:

    2. it’s more likely you had something like:

    As soon as the import is successfully done, you may want to shut down the old one.
    The bad news: according to the topic I linked above, there is no way for redirect from typepad for the existing links…

    Thanks again.

    Unfortunately I’ve run into the same issue as the last poster in the thread you sent – I can’t find the line in the mentioned file that needs to be edited. So my import file won’t upload.

    The instructions are for pre-2.0 versions of WordPress. For 2.0.x just go under Import, select MovableType, then ‘upload’ and import your “import.txt” file.

    It still won’t let me upload.

    I get the following error, which isn’t very descriptive unfortunately: ‘The uploaded file could not be moved to .’


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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