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  • The recent announcement of blogger disallowing externally hosted sites gives me an opportunity to convert my blog to wordpress. After finding a few tutorials I am well on my way to duplicating (on a test server) my very custom design to a near prefect replica using wordpress. (This is not the time for a full site redesign).

    I was hoping somewhere on this forum was a good collection of tips for this type of migration. (This seems like a it should be a hot topic as I’m sure I’m not the only one.) If I were in charge at wordpress, I wouldn’t miss this opportunity to convert lots of bloggers to wordpress(ers).

    If someone can point to a good collection of migration tips and tools (anywhere on the web) that would be great.

    My biggest problem is importing the 7+ years of blogger posts and comments. I did create a backup and it seems to be all there. However, wordpress doesn’t seem to import that atom format. Also, the online tool I found via google won’t convert such a large file to wordpress format. (It times out with errors.)

    I also have a large number of custom php scripts on my site and lots of native, non-blog pages that I am trying to link from the main blog (just like I do on the blogger version). It’s a huge challenge but I can see lots of advantages to wordpress and lots of disadvantages to hosting a blog on blogspot.

    The site in question is

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  • There are a lot, if you google for ‘Convert from blogger to wordpress’ for example.

    Someone else suggested this:

    1. In Blogger, go to your Settings > Basic > Blog Tools > Export Blog.

    2. Click on Download Blog. It’ll save as an .xml file.

    3. Go to and find the .xml file that you exported from Blogger and click Convert. It’ll save as a .xml file.

    4. ***IMPORTANT – Browse to where you downloaded the file and RENAME THE EXTENSION AS A .WXR FILE***

    4. In WordPress, go to Tools > Import > WordPress.

    Now that said, if it’s a VERY large XML file, you may have to import it multiple times for it all to ‘take’. I’ve heard people had success by keeping two windows up. One on the WP posts page and the other on the import. Every time the import times out, they refreshed the posts page, and there were posts there! Then they reloaded the import page again, and repeated the process until everything was imported.

    Just adding this 6-part article that was highlighted on Weblog Tools Collection:

    Thanks. I’ll check those links. My own google searches turned up lots of confusing posts, mostly about themes.

    I DID try and as I said, it timed out of my 7MB file before returning anything. (Can’t say I blame them.)

    FYI: I found the BEST option was to first port my blog to a site temporarily. Then WordPress could import all seven years of post and comments beautifully. I set the blogspot blog to be unlisted and will delete it now that I’m done.

    As for the custom php, once I understood the structure of the wordpress template, I was able to use all of it.

    WordPress is a great platform.

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