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  • sorry if it’s been answered before, can’t find any discussions…

    I’ve been developing on localhost, and now i want to deploy my site on AnHosting. I tried to transfer the tar.gz’d file system and mysqldump’d database, but that gave me errors. After investigation, I discovered that I’m supposed to export content as XML and then import on a new WP install.

    The issue with export/import is that it doesn’t seem to retain module configurations, like podPress settings, and whatnot. There are actually quite a few module customizations I’ve made on the localhost, so simply clean-installing and reconfiguring all the modules will be a very tedious task. In fact, I tried doing that and also tried .tar.gz + .sql, and the latter solution required fewer modifications to get the site working properly.

    Anyway, the question is how does one go about migrating/deploying WP sites when they’re working daily on their localhost? The task was much easier in Drupal (haha, I just wanted to get ya’ll riled up)

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  • What error did you encounter? Did you modify the config file, to work with the shared host database (that is, did you change the username and password?)

    you’re talking error when I tried manually migrating the .tar.gz + .sql?
    well, i modified the config.php file, etc… it all “worked,” the issue was that there were many instances of the previous host name in the database, which caused linkage issues. For example, there were 20-some-odd instances of “http://localhost” in the database, which ended up linking me back to my own computer when I clicked on certain links. So what I did was a mysql search-and-replace to replace all instances of “http://localhost” with “,” and that seemed to do the trick.
    After that, there were little things that didn’t seem to work properly. for example, the podPress player stopped appearing below each podcast episode’s teaser, stuff like that. It all just seemed a little jank to me.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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