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  • I have this site:

    The home page and most of the articles are Joomla 1.5 If you note the “Blog” entry on the top menu, it will take you to my wordpress installation.

    I’d prefer to have the entire site as wordpress. However, I’ve learned from past experience that changing URLS, even with 301 redirects, will severely affect my google rankings, on which I’ve spent months and thousands of dollars. I changed my domain name about 6 months ago, used a 301 redirect to the new site, and am still not back to the rankings I had before.

    So the question is: Ho much of a problem would it be if I used the same URL structure in WP as in Joomla? I know that using directory structures slow down WP, but if so, how much?


    One of my current pages is at:

    I don’t want this to change if I move the article to WP.

    Any advice?

    (And happy new year to everyone!)

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  • There is a plugin that will allow you to do this. The author claims on their site that it’s compatible up to 3.2.1, although this claim isn’t reflected in the plugin directory.

    I’ve not used this plugin.

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