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  • I am trying to migrate from blogger using the Andrew Skelton’s Modified Blogger Importing Tool and following the excellent tutorial at Catsutorials. But when I republished my blog, it is not getting the files created at my host site. The publishing goes for a while and then comes up with an timeout error message.

    I tried many times today! Originally it did create the files but it did not create the archive files and seemed to stop short in building the main wordpress.php file as well.

    I then changed my settings back to original and tried to republish back to Blogger and it worked fine. I did it just to ensure that the files are indexed properly.

    When I changed the settings back to the migration format and re-published, it did the same thing – went for a long time and then failed to create the files.

    What is going on? Can someone help?

    I even tried to change the settings to follow Blogger’s Help to export all the posts in one long file to see if I can try another method of exporting and importing into wp, but blogger went till 99% and then seem to go on forever without getting to 100%.

    Can anyone help me????

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  • Uh, not much we can do about Blogger’s servers . Have you tried contacting their support?

    I had a similar problem. It kept getting so far, and then timing out. Finally it did it. I’d say just keep trying – you’ll get there eventually.

    I gave up trying to export. I have two blogs with the exact same content. <—-wordpress <—-blogger


    I had the same problem trying to migrate from a blogger-powered blog hosted on blogspot to wordpress on my own host. For some reason, blogger choked when it came to publishing archives in the export format to my host. I ended up publishing all the files to blogspot, and then saving them, stripping out the code added by blogger for blogspot hosting, renaming them, and uploading them to my own host. That worked fine, although it took a few extra steps.

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    OK, This is really wierd. I have tried the export several times, and it failed. So I tried the export to one file export a la Blogger Help. I left it running all night. This morning, my notebook computer had shut off! I turned it back on, connected online and went have a look at my server. I have found that it has built two folders, named 2004 and 2005, under which are individual month numbers, under which are individual *.html files of each of my posts. I had set it up to dump all the posts into ONE file, but that file is no where on the server. I asked my support people to look and they couldn’t find it either. These individual files are no good for me if there is not an index file pointing to it! What I want to know is, why did Blogger do this? Is it because the setting for individual post pages makes it dump out the individual files? I am getting really frustrated.

    The reason for wanting to dump it all into one file, is that I use haloscan right now. The comments have been exported into one file from haloscan and of course the comments have the post id on them. If I can get all the posts in one file with the comment ID I am hoping that I can then write a script (if I can learn that fast!!!) to dump the posts and the comments into the WP database.

    I am going to try one more time this morning….

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    Hello world! somebody! help, please?!
    I am still having problems with migrating from blogger. I have tried so many things. ..
    Can someone tell me if it is theoretically possible to write a script that will use Blogger API to extract the Blogger posts and stuff them directly to the WP database? If so, has someone done it or attempted it?

    I am having the same issue. I get to 2%, and it stays there for a half hour, then times out. I have run it 8 times so far, and this is day 2

    Bloke, nobody has come forward with such a tool. It is unfortunate that their FTP publishing isn’t working.

    If you can wait a few more hours, I’ll work out a new template that will help you use blog*spot to get your archives out of Blogger’s iron grip. I’ll post it here.

    Will you post it here skeltoac?

    Here it is, folks: the workaround for Bloggers “No! Don’t leave! We were just getting to know eachother! I’m from Google! I can do no evil! DON’T MIGRATE TO WORDPRESS!! PLEEEEASE!!!!!

    I got the files to upload, but only the current month is in the correct format. Any tips?

    Hmm, it worked for me… When you ask for technical help, you should be more specific, telling in detail what you DID. I tracked down your blogspot address and it looks like you didn’t use the template I provided above.

    Follow the link, follow the directions, and everything should work just fine.

    I backed it back out, but I am trying again currently. I followed the guide at catsutorials, and I am still locking up at 2%. I would appreciate (greatly!) any help. my email is quality26atgmaildotcom.
    There are a couple of parts that I am unsure of. I am attempting to post it to

      Publishing section

    • blog url
    • FTP path
      Archive section

    • archive path
    • archive url

    I get the error” 001 Read timed out “. It works up to 2%, then hangs for 10-15min, then I get the error . I have tried at work and at home, so I don’t think it is a connection issue.

    OK, STOP following the guide. Follow the link I provided above. I updated the ORIGINAL article with a new Blogger template so that you don’t have to publish via FTP.

    YOU ARE A GOD!!!
    I will be singing your praises on my blog, and linking you. If there is anything else I can do for you, please let me know.
    thank you thank you thank you!!

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