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    Hello, I’m new here and was giving WordPress a good shot — I marvelled at how quickly it was to set up, pretty fun. I currently have a blog on and although they’ve been great to me, I want to explore seeing if I can migrate over and how smooth a transition can be.

    I haven’t found much into on this at all, so it’s been pretty tough. I’ve googled and searched through these support archives but I’m at a loss with what to do. Blog-City allows me to backup files as XML or CSV, so I have those files sitting around waiting to be played with. I don’t see an XML importer, though, so I’m confuzzled as what to do next. Once I get a grip on this I will be a lot more comfortable — in the meantime it’s a lot of experimentation and just getting used to things.

    Also, another question please: how is backing up a WordPress blog to one’s hard drive done? Is there an easy tutorial on it somewhere? I have a feeling I’m missing the obvious, because I’ve poked around for that too. Just curious. 🙂

    Thanxaroonie and hope to find out how to do this soon! 😀

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Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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