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  • Hi all,

    I’m trying to migrate from a Jupiter WordPress setup, to a local host XAMPP set up. I’m able to get a backup of the site using a tool called “WP Clone” by WP Academy, that’s included in the WP setup. With this cloning plugin, get the WP-CONTENT and the database.sql file.

    But when I set up the localhost, some parts are still missing (e.g., menus, footers, etc.). What am I missing here? The following steps summarize my procedure thus far.

    • Set up new WP install in localhost.
    • Removed WP-CONTENT, since this is already included in the clone.
    • Unzipped WP-CONTENT folder to WP folder in previous step.
    • Imported DB.
    • Updated DB tables to point to localhost, not external site.

    Also, I don’t seem to have FTP access to the site (just the WP, but no apparent admin privilege), nor the ability to install/view plugins in the WP site.

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  • About the steps taken to clone site to your localhost:
    in the last step of ‘updating db tables to point to loalshot, not external site’, you probably did a simple search and replace of to http://localhost/wordpress. If so, you need to be careful there. Many of those strings are serialized data and when you do a plain search-and-replace, serialized data becomes invalid resulting in ‘broken’ website. You should instead use a tool like SRDB to perform this.

    Now, about the second issue, if you dont have admin access to the site, you can simply edit the password of any existing admin user by directly editing the database. On you local, you obviously have access to the database. You can open users table, find a potential admin user and edit its password to a password of your choice. However, the password is not saved in plain text and must be converted to md5 before saving. E.g: apple is 1f3870be274f6c49b3e31a0c6728957f. Now you know the username and password and can login.

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    @ckchauhary, thanks for this.

    I’ve tried the SRDB tool, but I’m still seeing this issue, and the site isn’t really looking much different than what I had previously. The header, and menus seem all out-of-whack, and the logo seems to pull something completely different.

    As for the second issue, your solution worked. Thanks again.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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