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  • I have checked instructions for moving WP to a different site, etc., but I haven’t found a good solution to my situation:

    I have a test blog at It already has about a dozen posts, as well as theme, plugins and widgets that I would like to preserve. (I could manually import the posts, if necessary.)

    I have a very well-trafficked static site at, and I want to install WP in the root directory, so that I have the option of making it a multi-site blog. (I am assuming that the static part of the site will continue to function as is, except for the home page whose links I have duplicated in the front page of the text blog.)

    Critical for me is that users of have very little, if any interruption of service, including links on the home page.

    I need direction regarding in what order to do things so that service at the static site, will not be disrupted for more than minutes. (Anything more will result in howls of protest via email.)

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    To answer my own question:

    One Method (what I did)
    Download the database and make whatever edits are necessary for the new domain. Upload database to new site. It will not affect the normal operation of the site.

    Copy the whole WordPress install to computer. Then upload whole WP install to new location — except for the index.php in the root directory. The original site will continue functioning as long as the WP index.php is not active. It is possible to log in to the moved WordPress install through and make any edits/changes necessary, except that the “page preview” will not work. Through this login, it’s possible to create new posts (Welcome message, etc.), new pages, and whatever else is necessary.

    When ready for the “big day”/launch time, install index.php and the blog will go live.

    An easier way might be this:
    Install WordPress on new site. Rename index.php, so it does not interfere with operation of site while preparing blog to go live.

    Use plugin to import everything from old site, except theme.

    Since the import plugin does not import the theme, you will have to activate the theme you want to use — whether the same as the original site or note. (May have to tweak theme manually.

    That looks a lot easier than what I did (following instructions found here and there).

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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