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  • Three days ago (2.5 to be precise) I migrated my domain to a new server. The transfer of the domain has gone through, and I have access to my cpanel with the new host, so I know that for the last three days people have had access to my blog. But whenever I try to access it, either through the URL or through my WordPress admin page, I get “can’t select database.” My config file is correct, and the DNS has been properly reset. What’s happening here?


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  • Have you followed the instructions listed here?

    Be sure to read through the Codex for other solutions!


    Thank you for your reply, Cypher.

    Yes. My domain name, database name, and username all have stayed the same, which means the config.php file is correct. I uploaded all the proper files. PhpMyAdmin shows all the correct SQL database tables in place. The wp_options table has the correct settings. I’ve cleared my cache.

    Still, I get the WordPress “can’t select database” screen. Hence my bafflement.

    I tried, for lack of anything else to do, deleting my sql database, then following the WordPress instructions for restoring it. Didn’t work. I get the same message. When I check my awstats through my new host’s cpanel, I find that yesterday I had 205 visits. How can my page be up and taking visitors, but I can’t access it, either through my wp-admin.php or by typing the URL in my browser?

    Flummoxed in Baltimore the URL ( in your profile pointing to your blog?? If so , it works for me.

    Your last post was on 6/9/2006 entitled “Eduardo Galeano”


    Okay, Bluehost tech support just got on the case, and found that “for some reason, your database user wasn’t tied to your database. I have tied the two together and your site is now working.” And, indeed, I can now access my site through my browser, though quotation marks in the body of posts have become question marks.

    Now, however, when I try to log in through the wp-admin/index.php, I get the login screen; I enter username and password, click “login,” and get only a fresh login screen. Sigh. Any ideas now?


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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