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  • Hi there

    this is technically not a multisite question as I haven’t enabled it. I am trying to replace my old wp site with a completely new one. The only bit I want to remain is the blog post content and if possible the dates, categories and other metadata relating to the posts. Ideally also the SEO metadata that I have put in via a widget (though I am not sure if I want to use the same widget).

    This is the setup:

    On I have my old blog – this is running WP 3.2 and twenty ten theme. I made minor amendments to the theme rather than making a child theme as at the time I didn’t really understand child themes. From here I would like to retrieve the blog content. I will then eventually be happy to erase this site altogether.

    On I have just created a new WP installation. I haven’t yet done anything to it really. On this site I would like to import that blog content. This site runs WP 3.5.1 and will probably be built on twenty twelve.

    Is there an easy way for me to export and then import the content, or do I have to copy and paste the code one post at a time?

    Thanks kindly.


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  • It is better to upgrade the old site to the current version, import it and them export it to your current site.

    Review related resources:

    Thanks for this – I have had a browse of the links you have kindly provided. It does seem scarily technical for a relative newb like me. Is there a simpler way?

    Why are you making a new installation? You could just update the old one and change to a new theme.

    Hi WPyogi

    Yeah that might have been a good idea – wish I thought of that before I had built the entire rest of the site! I feel like it’s too late now.

    Also I wanted to change the domain anyway and was concerned that doing that might screw things up.

    Any thoughts given where I am now?

    Maybe at this point it would be simpler just to cut and paste the entries. There are only about 30 or so. I might have to check the links work but other than that it would be ok.

    The only issue I can foresee would be the metadata – the date posted for each one – is it possible to alter the metadata regarding post dates?

    You can just setup the new site and import the database of the old site. You just have to replace the new domain URL with a search and replace. Everything will run as your old site used to do.
    Backup everything first. The links I provided above will help you with it.

    I see now that I can alter the timestamp via the ‘publish’ tab. I am going through it the manual way. Might be long winded but at least it’s simple.

    Krishna. I appreciate your help but the links seem to require a degree of technical expertise beyond mine!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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