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  • Hello all. I’m a rank beginner. I’ve had a site for a few years. Recently I migrated to Siteground using their site migrator. I’d paid various people to help improve the site and begged them to keep it simple. Unfortunately, they didn’t. So now I have a complex site with issues. In exasperation, I trashed lots of the pages – I only wanted five. I tried to restore them but could only restore four. One page, the ‘about me’ page, I trashed and rewrote but when I look at the site, the old ‘about me’ page is still there, even though it’s in the trash. Please help if you can. I’ve spent a lot of money, from my perspective, on this site, but I’m at my wits’ end.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Thanks for your help. I do very much appreciate it. It’s extraordinary how much it riles me that I’m so stupid at this but I have to remember two things: humility is endless, and there are other things that I’m good at. I’ll have to leave this now. At least the website is back up. If you don’t mind me asking further questions, I will. I still don’t understand how to get my new ‘about me’ page to take over but as you say, deleting the old one completely will probably do the job – or, perhaps, I can just replace the text and image though that was the nightmare I got into the other day. Trying to amend other peoples’ work is like trying to unscramble eggs.

    Thread Starter Lucy Weir, PhD


    I doubt that very much. All the data will still be there if you don’t restore.

    But I did restore. I didn’t have much choice.

    We’re all good at something.
    The most unfortunate part is that you recognize this, reached out to two developers to assist, and still left you in a poor position for you to take over your site moving forward.

    Ask questions any time, this is the sole intention of this forum.

Viewing 3 replies - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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