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  • Hello all. I’m a rank beginner. I’ve had a site for a few years. Recently I migrated to Siteground using their site migrator. I’d paid various people to help improve the site and begged them to keep it simple. Unfortunately, they didn’t. So now I have a complex site with issues. In exasperation, I trashed lots of the pages – I only wanted five. I tried to restore them but could only restore four. One page, the ‘about me’ page, I trashed and rewrote but when I look at the site, the old ‘about me’ page is still there, even though it’s in the trash. Please help if you can. I’ve spent a lot of money, from my perspective, on this site, but I’m at my wits’ end.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Hi @lucyweirphd – Siteground is notorious for their memcache, so first thing you should do is login to Sitegroud, and clear the caches, see here:

    Your About Me page is throwing a 404:
    Check the URL Slug in this page, and then re-save your Permalinks, see here:

    You also have images that are being referenced from your old accont – see here:
    You’ll want to update this to:

    Or, delete the JetPack plugin from your site.

    Lastly, I would delete the WooCommerce plugin since you don’t need it, and the cart icon is displaying in your header. (unless you use it for people to pay for your classes.)

    This is just a quick overview.

    It’s a drag the class schedule is not displaying – you’d think this would be the most important thing!

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    This is fantastic. I am deeply grateful. Let me see how I get on with these steps. I really appreciate your help with this.



    Please don’t hesistate to reach out.
    Your site is not complicated in any way.

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    OK. I cleared the cache but am stuck on the second step. You’ll have to forgive me. I can’t follow the link. I’m in the dashboard. The other thing that was driving me crazy is that it asked if I wanted to test Elementor as a site editor and I stupidly said yes and now I can’t get rid of it. But I can’t get past the second of your suggestions because I can’t find the url slug for About me. I’ll keep looking …

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    I found the permalink and it says ‘about-me’ and I’ll check the trashed page to see if it says the same. I really need to pay someone to do this but I can’t really afford it. The courses and classes page I had to trash because it came up with a fatal error. One step forwards, two steps back… but I’ve said on the front page where I’m teaching. I do want a courses and classes page at some point soon, and to advertise my books, and consultancy work, but slowly, slowly (I’m 55…) … and keep smiling, eh?

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    Yeah. No. You really don’t want me to reach out. I’m miserable already. I just don’t understand what’s going on. I have paid two people to upgrade the site and I don’t understand what they’ve done. I really wanted five pages, home, about me, courses and classes, journal and contact me. When the last person changed it I had all these sub pages. Siteground migrated the site and it was corrupted in small ways which I thought I could fix – no donate buttons, links not working, some corruption in the text – but I’ve spent time I just don’t have battling to correct the errors and each time I just get deeper mired into problems. It’s really not simple from where I’m sitting.

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    OK. Now the whole site has failed. I just give up. `Your site appears to be down did not load when Jetpack Monitor last checked on it.

    What’s happening?
    Your site is responding intermittently, or extremely slowly. This can indicate an overloaded, under-powered, or misconfigured server. Your site is probably loading for some users, but not for everyone.

    Error reference: 200675342/intermittent

    What should you do now?
    Start by visiting your site to see if you’re able to load it. Jetpack Monitor may have just recorded a momentary glitch that’s since been resolved, and you can ignore this email.

    If you’re unable to load your site, check your host’s control panel or contact their support team: they’ll have more detail about what is happening. Be sure to share the error information above with them.

    Get more help
    Control and monitor these alerts in your Jetpack Monitor settings.

    Automattic, Inc.
    60 29th St. #343, San Francisco, CA 94110, USA

    Manage your email preferences at`

    I see the site is completely down now.

    > wanted to test Elementor as a site editor and I stupidly said yes and now I can’t get rid of it

    Elementor makes me want to run away. It’s awful.

    > I found the permalink and it says ‘about-me’ and I’ll check the trashed page

    Be sure to go into the Trash – and Permanently Delete them all if you don’t need them.
    Otherwise, the URLs will continue to not behave the way you want.

    > I have paid two people to upgrade the site and I don’t understand what they’ve done

    That’s a real drag.
    People like to overcomplicate things bc then a) you back to them to fix it (and pay for it), and b) to make themselves looks smarter than they are!

    Based on what I see, you’re entire site should take a good expereinced developer 6 to 8 hours to complete.

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    Login to your Siteground account, and restore the website from a backup from yesterday (or whatever).

    Altho, I think this is not available for the ‘basic hosting plan’.

    The error msg seems to be coming from

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    Thanks but this doesn’t help, sadly.

    I came here for help and now I don’t know how to undo what I’ve done.

    I deleted a load of plug ins because the site said that if I had inactive plugins it would be subject to attack.

    I got a message from Jetpack which I did not delete to say my site was down and to get a security key from somewhere but I can’t get the key.

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    I can’t find out how to restore. Can anyone else help?

    The site is not down – it’s loading a Coming Soon page from seedpd – see screenshot:

    I would login to Siteground, go to Site –> File Manager and navigate to
    and delete them all.

    Once you login to your website again, you can just add them all back in one-by-one.

    It’s very straight-forward:
    If you don’t see this, then chat with Siteground support.

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    It’s very straightforward if you know what you’re doing! I’ve already restored from two days ago. I don’t understand how to delete all plug ins and add back in one by one. I really don’t have time to do this. I’ll get someone to do it for me. I’ve lost the post I wrote and the work I did on the About Me page which took me most of yesterday afternoon. Hey ho. I’ve got to go. Thanks for reaching out.

    > I’ve lost the post I wrote
    > and the work I did on the About Me page which took me most of yesterday afternoon

    I doubt that very much. All the data will still be there if you don’t restore.

    Yes agree with you – these are all very simple tasks to resolve ‘if you know what you’re doing’.

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