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    Bit off more than I can chew here.
    This site wasn’t getting much traffic , so I thought I would move it to an addon domain in my shared hosting with hostgator.
    I’ve done the nameservers thing, and that seems to work.
    I’ve enabled the wildcard subdomain.
    I’ve copied all the files over, and the database, and renamed the database and the username to fit in with the new domain, and the .htaccess, and I’m still getting a database error when I try and access anything but the home page.

    Suggestions welcome. What am I missing? I think it would have been a whole lot easier if I had started a month before the hosting renewal was up, but hey.

    I do have backups using updraft plus free. Perhaps I should just setup the site again and try restoring them.

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    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Update: I’ve sorted out the database issues by creating a new user, and also renaming the database, and filling the new information into wp-config.
    That allowed me into the admin panel, where I’ve checked the .htaccess and doublechecked the wp-config settings.

    so now I just can’t get into the subdomains, e.g.

    go to you dns zone or dns manager and point the subdomain to root of your wordpress installation

    Thanks for the suggestion, but I eventually came to the conclusion that I can’t run multisite on a shared hosting subdomain, as two levels of subdomain aren’t liked.

    So what I did, and it took me a couple of hours only, is to completely reinstall wordpress as a single site installation, and then to import the individual sites into the single site, after modifying their categories as e.g. site1 site2 etc.

    In order: Backup! Recategorise the blogs in site1, and export them to a downloadable file. Repeat with each site. Then delete the installation and do a fresh install. Then reimport the site blogs one at a time.

    So in effect, I’m using one blog, and sorting the former different sites as categories within that site, each with its own category featured image. (use weaver xtreme theme, or a plugin, for that functionality.)

    It’s not as pretty, but its a hell of a lot more straightforward.

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