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  • Hi,
    I moved my wp site from local to live server, and installed WP on the new server. but when i opened the site i saw that it looks completely different! I don’t know what went wrong. for example- i chose only one column – but now i have two! all my pages are gone! tho i can see the only 2 plugins i installed in the dashboard.
    Any idea? 🙁

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  • How did you move from local to live server? Did you change the URL from your server? Because URL will probably be pointing to your local PC.

    I moved it with Filezilla. And changed the URL from my local server to the new one.

    Maybe the problem is with the SQL file?
    I saw a few tutorials that explained to first export an SQL file from my local DB and after, to import it by ‘PHPmyAdmin’ to the new DB in the host’s server. The thing is that my host don’t have ‘PHPmyAdmin’ installed. I can upload the SQL file but i don’t know in witch folder should i put it?
    when i asked this my host, they said i don’t need this file at all.
    I’m so confused…

    Phpmyadmin is the web version MySQL database server’s client interface. Although you can use the desktop version like SQLyog:

    Having Phpmyadmin installed is much eaiser. In this case, you have to contact your host support, so they can run it for you from the command line.

    You can find the complete info at:

    or you can try to use the easier way with a plugin called

    I’ll try it. Thanks!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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