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    We are redesigning our site on a dev server, and I need to migrate our redirects over to the new site. I do see the import function, but I don’t see a way to export our current redirects? Am I missing something, or is that not a feature right now.

    Thank you.

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  • HA! I just found this after looking at the code…

    Go to the Modules tab. Mouse-over each module for options. The WordPress module will show export in formats RSS, CSV, Apache, and Nginx.

    I consider it a bug that the options are not immediately visible. We shouldn’t need to mouse-over an area to find hidden options. I’m guessing that UX wasn’t intentional.

    Created issue #254.

    Follow-up. I just found an issue related to this and reported as #255.

    In Modules mouse-over the WordPress module to see links for export. Click CSV. The CSV export data is shown. Click the Download button. A file is generated and downloaded but it only has one line, the header. There is no detail.

    To get your CSV data, note above tht the export data IS shown. Just copy the text block and paste it into a text editor to save to a text file.


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    Thank you! That worked. Definitely needs to be clearer for a better UI.

    I only problem I had was that the CSV file didn’t have any line breaks for the data, so I manually added them.

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